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Rural Sourcing Launches Yet Another Delivery Center in New Mexico

US outsourcing firm Rural Sourcing Inc (RSI) is gearing up to launch yet another software development center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A long-time proponent of onshore outsourcing, Rural Sourcing says its delivery center will create 125 high-tech jobs over the next few years.

This is the fourth software development center for RSI in New Mexico. The Atlanta-based company says it chose Albuquerque due to the city’s talented workforce and low cost of living.

“Albuquerque is a strategic city for us in that it enables us better serve our existing West Coast clients, and expand our client base across the western United States,” stated RSI in a press release.

Over the past few years, Rural Sourcing has often stated that it is on a mission to create thousands of new technology jobs in low-cost US cities. Having a delivery center in a low-cost US city helps companies cut costs while enjoying the benefits of cultural alignment, time zone compatibility and common language.

Moreover, RSI wants to show other outsourcers that they too can save costs by sending jobs to the US countryside rather than countries like India and China. It claims that it can help clients save 60-70% of costs with delivery centers in the US countryside.

A BDO USA survey conducted last year showed that 29% of U.S. tech firms are considering bringing at least part of their offshore work back to the United States. These tendencies owe to rising costs in traditional offshore locations and a growing desire on the part of outsourcing firms to stay closer to clients.

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A possible loss of control over mission-critical elements of their business operation is what scares many companies from offshoring their work.

“With the most PhDs per capita in the United States, Albuquerque is a natural fit for the new Rural Sourcing Inc. software development center,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry.

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