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San Pedro Sula, Not a Typical Business Destination

Honduras is better known as being the best kept secret when it comes to Latin American vacation getaways. Having Five Star hotels on the side of the best beaches in the world, Roatan has become the second home for stars like Jennifer Lopez and Julio Iglesias but those who visit on business normally don’t get to go to the ritzy islands. Low and behold, San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital of the country, greets them with warm people, world-class restaurants, and the best after hour’s clubs in the country.

Gastronomically speaking, Honduran food is different from your typical Latin food. Their luscious coasts provide great fresh seafood like fish, conch, shrimp, and lobster. One of the most popular dishes has to be it renowned “Sopa de Caracol” or conch soup. It’s a coconut-lime based soup with soften conch that melts in your mouth and is served with white rice and vegetables. The indigenous costal population swears it cures hangovers, the flu, and is a potent aphrodisiac.

Recommendations for Sopa de Caracol: Los Cayos Grill, Barrio Los Andes, San Pedro Sula Tel. 2553-0431

Another must have is a dish Honduran’s eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is a staple in any mans diet, its the Baleada. Basically it is a flour tortilla with refried beans and cheese. Many variations of the Baleada can include sausage, ham, cream, eggs, avocado, and any other ingredient that are to peoples liking. What pizza is to a New Yorker, a baleada is to a Honduran.

Recommendations for Baleadas: Baleada Express Ave. Circunvalacion, San Pedro Sula

And for a pig lovers delight, you cannot miss “Casas Vieja,” it’s hands down the most traditional stop of all. Built in two antique houses in an up coming part of town, you can be served a whole pig that has been roasted on an open wood fire served with fresh tortillas made right at your table. This is definitely the place where pork lovers unite.

And even if you’re in town for business doesn’t mean you cant get some activities in your agenda. We also recommend a nature hike of Merendon Mountain, with spectacular views and great bird watching, It takes about an hour to hike up and another half an hour to get down.

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San Pedro Sula is a young, vibrant city with many options, get out of your hotel and visit with the locals. It’s safe and beautiful. And we guarantee everywhere you go you will be received with a smile.


Ilda Ledbetter is a marketing associate with Altia Business Park in Honduras.


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