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Scicom Americas selects Sipera UC Gear

Looking to provide SIP trunk termination and security solutions for its distributed call center services, Scicom Americas has selected Sipera’s UC security appliance solution. Already, Avaya has supplied flexible VoIP and Unified Communications technologies to Scicom.
Since Scicom Americas deals in distributed call center services, it is imperative for the company to meet the stringent security requirements set by various governments and clients. The company has global expertise in customer contact management and offers support in more than 40 languages. With its agreement with Sipera, Scicom will now have complete security and SIP trunk termination for the distributed call centers.
The UC security appliance solution offered by Sipera provides benefits such as eliminating network redundancies, improving disaster recovery, and reducing carbon footprint. Scicom can also look to improve its customer relationship with the products from Sipera, as the company can now offer solutions that have better security.
A call center network can be compromised in various ways such as eavesdropping, denial of service, fuzzing, spoofing etc., Traditional data protection techniques can only be party effective as there will be issues with policy enforcement, access control, PBX & phone protection, privacy, and authentication. To overcome these challenges, Sipera has teamed up with Cross Telecom. Among many other things, this will enable the company to offer secure SIP trunks terminated on the Sipera security appliance. Other features such as access control, encryption, security policy enforcement and threat mitigation are also included.
The agreement with Sipera will help Scicom in catering to stringent security requirements while dealing with its clients. Clients can now adhere to specialized security requirements, such as PCI DSS (credit cards), HIPAA (healthcare privacy), GLBA (consumer data protection), FERPA (student record privacy) and others.
“Scicom’s secure SIP trunk project is a prime example of a well-executed SIP deployment, enabling Scicom to offer its clients low-cost yet highly flexible and efficient call center services,” said Adam Boone, Vice President of Marketing for Sipera. “At the same time, Scicom is ensuring that these services are secure and protected”
Apart from security, this agreement will also allow Scicom to provide other additional services to its clients all over the world. For example, the company can now combine its globally diverse contact centers with unique features such as multi-lingual support.

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