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New E-Report: Staying on Top of Tech Curve Requires Savviness in Selecting Consulting Partners

Advancements in cloud computing, mobile, social media and Big Data have overwhelmed the business world, leaving business executives with an unprecedented  array of questions about how new technology can be better integrated into client products. This timely topic is examined in depth in a new Nearshore Americas E-Report – published here and available for free download.

The report, created in partnership with leading software and product innovation firm – Belatrix,  specifically explains how enterprises can engage third party technology firms to drive innovation and achieve results with measurable business outcomes. The E-Report, authored by NSAM Research Director Luke Bujarski, sheds light on the SMAC, or “four pillars” of information technology –– social, mobility, analytics (big data) and cloud computing. Bujarski narrates the benefits of the four pillars and gives details about how to better adopt these disruptive forces of technology.


“SMAC gives points-of-entry to every new player into the technology market,” says Bujarski, adding that companies will die if they fail to adopt the technologies properly. The successful adoption of technology NSAM E-Report June 11 2013allowed Netflix, the monster on-demand media streaming provider, to capture a huge slice of the home movie rental market, but the failure to do so led Blockbuster Video to bankruptcy in 2010.

Collaborating with a dynamic team armed with the required technological know-how and dexterity is crucial to staying on top in this ever-changing technology landscape, he suggests.

The good news is that technological adoption is now cheaper and faster than ever before. Enterprises can now create new platforms and applications much more quickly, and validate them in the open market without major investment in terms of time and capital.

Technology is advancing so fast that new devices and applications fade in a matter of weeks. Therefore, enterprises have no better option but to incorporate SMAC technologies into their new devices and applications. You cannot increase your quality service and product without leveraging the four pillars of the information technology. Big Data, for example, is so powerful that it can help reduce costs, improve customer relationships, develop new products, accelerate and synchronize delivery, as well as enhance and simplify decision-making.

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That means how you make use of the technology is the key to your success.  This E-Report walks you through the complex world of technology and guides you to your long-desired destination in this Brave New Technological world.

Narayan Ammachchi

News Editor for Nearshore Americas, Narayan Ammachchi is a career journalist with a decade of experience in politics and international business. He works out of his base in the Indian Silicon City of Bangalore.

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