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Silicon Valley Bank’s Jim Marshall to Keynote Nexus 2018

Nearshore Americas is proud to announce that Jim Marshall, Head of the Emerging Manager Practice at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), will give a special keynote presentation at Nexus 2018.

Jim brings a wealth of venture capital and startup knowledge to the conference, with over 20 years’ experience working in the startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley. It is his unique understanding of how entrepreneurs, from the US as well as Latin America and the Caribbean, can resourcefully pinpoint funding support – at critical stages of their growth – that make him an especially great fit for the conference.

In his role at SVB, Jim leads a team that provides tailored services and guidance to VC managers, from fundraising and fund operations, to portfolio company support and creative liquidity solutions.

“When you step back and really look at the it, the Nearshore services industry is closely connected to the startup experience,” said Kirk Laughlin, Managing Director of Nearshore Americas, which hosts the annual Nexus event. “Many of the most successful Nearshore providers were once startups, and had to navigate a challenging path to get where they are today. In other words, the experiences of larger Nearshore providers – like Globant and Softtek – are not unlike the paths traveled by countless tech startups in the states. Those early decisions the founders of the company make, and the sources of funding they seek, have incredibly important impacts on the future trajectory of the companies. That’s why Jim’s insights are so important – he knows exactly what that path looks like, and the perils of choosing the wrong funding schemes or partners.”

Prior to joining SVB in 2012, Jim co-founded Selby Venture Partners, a seed and early stage focused VC firm with over US$130 million in management funds from a diversified group of limited partners, including the US Government.

Ash Dhar, the chairman of the Kosha Group in San Francisco and entrepreneur  and angel investor in over a dozen technology companies during the last 40 years, had this to say about Marshall: “He has an extensive background in the valley, including that of a venture capitalist. He actually funded one of my startups as early as 2000,” said Dhar. “Just a great choice.”

Jim has been part of the VC industry since before the turn of the Millennium. “The venture market was quite different in 1998: There were way fewer funds and the term “micro VC” didn’t exist,” he recalls in is article, For Emerging Managers: Lessons Learned From A Former VC.

“In some ways it was much easier to raise a fund back then — with fewer funds, differentiation was less of an issue and there was far less venture capital in the system. There was also a big hole in the market between larger, established funds and angel investors who were doing the bulk of the seed funding.”

He was also an early investor in BigFix, which was acquired by IBM for US$400 million; Coremetrics, also acquired by IBM; Pandora, and Active Semiconductor, Inc.

Today, Jim works closely with emerging VC fund managers, sharing his advice from past experiences.

Silicon Valley Bank financially supports the growth of new businesses in various industries, such as hardware and infrastructure; software and internet; life science and healthcare; energy and resource innovation; private equity and venture capital; and premium wine. The bank offers things like credit and cash management, to international banking services.

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Nexus 2018

At Nexus 2018, we will bring together a diverse mix of business, sourcing, software engineering, startup and cross-border investment experts. Expect to gain a great deal of knowledge and a great new set of well-informed contacts.

Nexus Opening Night takes place on June 26 from 6pm to 8pm at the DocuSign Executive Briefing Center – 15th Floor, 221 Main St, San Francisco, CA, 94105.

The Nexus Conference itself will be held on June 27 from 08:30 to 17:00 at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, 505 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94105.

For more details on speakers, topics, and how to register, click here.

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