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Softbank Will Teach Artificial Intelligence in Latin America

Softbank has hired independent tech academy Correlation One to teach artificial intelligence to the employees of its portfolio companies in Latin America.

Set to get underway on March 6th, the training program is aimed at boosting the technology ecosystem in the region, creating a fertile ground for Softbank-backed companies to excel in their field.

The program, called Data Science for All (DS4A), will include both theoretical and practical sessions, with Correlation planning to set up remote classrooms in Bogotá, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City.

“External candidates based on merit” will also be allowed to enroll for the program, Correlation One has stated in its website, adding that such candidates should be STEM graduates.

“Technology companies in Latin America need qualified talent, with deep knowledge of AI and the potential to improve all aspects of the way we live and work,” said Marcelo Claure, CEO of SoftBank Group International in a press release. “We are proud to support programs like DS4A, which provide people across the region with essential technical skills, further establishing the region as a leader in innovation.”

The idea behind the training program is to promote AI adoption in Latin America. Therefore, Correlation One says that it will teach the skills that can be immediately applied to usual business needs.

“Our program offers participants the opportunity to learn science with some of the world’s leading experts. Participants receive in-person training and apply AI to real business problems at leading technology companies. We are creating a new AI talent infrastructure in Latin America,” says Rasheed Sabar, co-founder of Correlation One.

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Many senior professors at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford have agreed to lend their helping hand, with companies like Microsoft, iNNpulsa Colombia, and the IDB Lab expressing interest in supporting the initiative.

Narayan Ammachchi

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