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Your Signal to Upgrade Your Tech-Recruitment Game

The tech industry is one of accelerated and never-ending growth, where anyone who owns a company of any sort could be in need of IT talent. According to a McKinsey study published last… Read More »

A New Light Dawns on Puerto Rico’s Global Tech Ecosystem

With rich history and culture, exceptional food, pristine beaches and majestic mountains, Puerto Rico’s a quintessential Caribbean paradise. But looking closer you will find a different side to this paradise: a robust, modern… Read More »

Why Choose Guatemala for Contact Center Investment

The Nearshore industry has grown rapidly in the last few years. With the pandemic and the dramatic expansion of digitally-driven industries, demand for outsourced customer services has only increased. We’ve seen the value of… Read More »

Selling With a Conscience: A Compelling Case for Sustainable Businesses

When Unilever launched a dishwashing brand that used a water-conserving technique to develop it, total sales of its entire “eco-friendly” category outpaced other brands in its portfolio. In the same vein, Finland’s leading… Read More »

Understanding the Sensor Technology That Drives Autonomous Vehicles

Worldwide, automation use cases are spreading rapidly across various industries and sectors, with sensor-based technologies playing a fundamental role in enhancing the reach of automation. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is one of… Read More »

Drones and Robotics: The Future of Warehousing

In a mood to change the curtains? Remembered an important birthday a tad too late? Or simply forgot to order groceries? Nth-hour shopping panic has never been so peaceful thanks to the convenient… Read More »

A Prolific IT Services Market is Emerging in Costa Rica

Trade hubs have popped up throughout history, connecting precious resources in rare pockets of the world to those who are willing to buy. Cut to present times and the evidence of the formation… Read More »

Trinidad & Tobago Then and Now: Building the Path to Nearshore Success

The trend has been clear for a few years now: North American companies’ demand for nearshoring services continues to increase at accelerated rates. In this context, Latin American and Caribbean providers and economies… Read More »

Burnt-out Employees? Give Mindful Leadership a Try

Today’s fast-paced corporate world has people juggling strict deadlines and pending assignments. The only way they can survive the ever-increasing workload is multitasking; operating on autopilot mode and applying themselves minimally to each… Read More »

What Changed to Finally Put LatAm on the Map of Tech Development?

Latin America is a vast region that covers every country below the US southern border, formed by 20 developing economies led by Brazil and Mexico, both with a GDP of over a trillion… Read More »

Strategies for Getting the Most Out of Enhanced Teams

In my experience, enhanced teams can deliver significant value to clients, but only if a nearshore provider has a clear understanding of how the teams are built and deployed. To do that, it… Read More »

Beyond the Bottom Line: the Value of Having an Affinity with a Nearshore Partner

The bottom line is always a consideration when seeking a nearshore partner. However, a lot of value can be lost – particularly concerning long term ROI – if the exclusive focus is near… Read More »

To Return to the Office or WFH, That’s the Question!

Remember the time when we used to wake up at least two hours in advance to get ready for the day and commute to work? We can’t anymore. In the aftermath of the… Read More »

9 Tips for Doing DevOps Right

Throughout my career, I have had many opportunities to see how individuals, teams and entire companies can benefit from best practices. However, I have also seen some examples where there have been missed… Read More »

The World of EdTech Just Got Smarter

Just as instant messaging replacing postcards, streaming platforms replacing cassettes and emails replacing faxes signalled a technology overhaul globally, the smart screen projector replacing chalkboards in the traditional classrooms is the harbinger of… Read More »

Choosing a Software Development Partner Who Has Mastered Agile Methodology

Software developers constantly face the challenge of combining regulated, planned, and managed processes with dynamic methods that allow for rapid development. Fortunately for developers, Agile methodology exactly addresses these issues. But mastering the… Read More »

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are Driving Recruitment Innovation

As demand for faster and more efficient talent acquisition, recruitment and onboarding processes continues to increase, the drive to employ existing and emerging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions will follow.… Read More »

Speed and Automation Crucial to Nearshore Software Engineering Staff Augmentation

It can take up to 90 days to hire a software engineer with skills in the top 5% of the talent pool. Lengthy processes like this can cripple a project or even an… Read More »

How Remote Dev Team Management Systems Help Companies Tap Mexico’s Talent

With more than 130,000 engineers graduating annually and over 700,000 developers in the talent pool, Mexico is a hotbed of top software engineering talent in Latin America.  The pivot to increased remote working… Read More »

The Millennial Workforce: Preparing for the Gamechangers of the Digital Age

By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be millennials. I have come across this statistic several times in the past few years. First published in 2011 by the Business Professional Women (BPW)… Read More »

Alive and Kicking: Breathing Life into Organizations with Live Enterprise

Sense. Feel. Respond. This is sentience and this is how living organisms sustain and grow themselves. We may have never noticed this, but it is hardwired into our lives.  Now think of our professional… Read More »

Getting the Seasonal Ramp Up Right

Seasonal ramp-ups are part and parcel of providing customer experience at a BPO. Getting them right and addressing the needs of the client requires a multi-faceted approach that taps into existing talent pools,… Read More »

Experience is the New ROI in Business Process Management

Buyers of business process outsourcing have historically prioritized efficiencies and effectiveness as key outcomes of these services. The drivers for internal shared-service centers, or captives, were similar —deliver on business metrics, improve processes,… Read More »

The Tried and Tested Methods of Getting the Most From a Nearshore Team

The best workers are highly motivated. However, to understand what drives employees, and specifically software developers in Nearshore environments, it’s crucial to know what sets them apart.  “In today’s environment, it’s important to… Read More »

Talent and Opportunity Drive Rising Wave of Software Development Deals

With four decades of experience working in software services and global outsourcing, Steve Mezak knows his way around Silicon Valley as well as many other tech hubs in The Americas. As chief “Software Services Deal-Maker”… Read More »

How to Scale Up BPO Operations in the Nearshore

As a medium-sized BPO, Collective Solution has approached its strategy to scaling up in and across geographies in the Nearshore by focusing on its existing footprint and moving into new countries where demand… Read More »

Companies Must Hit a Moving Target to Build the Workplace of Tomorrow

As Covid-19 upended lives across the globe, the world was forced to shrink behind four walls. Mounting exhaustion from frequent video calls, combined with family commitments and the disorienting effect of working hours… Read More »

How to Manage Remote Developer Teams

Advances in cloud-based platforms, and structural shifts brought on by the pandemic, have increased the importance of best practices when it comes to managing remote developer teams. In many ways, remote and in-house… Read More »

10 Tips for Retaining Top Talent at Call Centers

For most contact centers managers, a significant amount of organizational effort is put into hiring qualified employees. But there can sometimes be less emphasis on retention.  This might be because a job is… Read More »

Technology at the Core of Employee Support During Pandemic, Says The Office Gurus

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced BPO companies to rethink the way they deliver services. Businesses that thrived during the period quickly understood the need to evaluate and rethink the tools… Read More »

10 Tips for Hiring Bilingual Contact Center Agents

In a Nearshore environment, there is a significant need for bilingual contact center agents. The strongest demand is for those individuals who are fluent in the region’s dominant three languages – English, Spanish,… Read More »

How to Determine When a Function is a Core Competency

Many businesses, as well as the service providers that support them, speak of the importance of core competencies.  But what is a core competency? And how can an enterprise separate a core competency… Read More »

Creating a Truly Inclusive BPO Environment Means Everyone Wins

While recognition of the importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) is growing, transformation initiatives need to do more than just pay lip service to the idea.  For many organizations, diversity and inclusion… Read More »

The Role of Human Resources as We Know it is No More

Never has Human Resources (HR) been as integral a part of an organization’s success as it is today. From a support function to having a seat at the decision-making table, HR has evolved… Read More »

Why the Employee Experience Matters, and How to Elevate it

Having happier employees at work should be a top priority for any company. After all, happy and engaged employees are more productive. They make the workplace more upbeat and fun, strive to achieve… Read More »

The Right Tools for the Job: Equipping Agents with Up-to-Date Tech Enables Success

Imagine this scenario: A skilled call center agent surpasses all the hiring requirements and is brought on board. They are highly motivated and eager to start their new job. Three months later, performance… Read More »

AI Takes Call Center Language Screening to the Next Level

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving innovation around world. In 2020, the global AI market was valued at over US$62 billion, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.2% from 2021 to… Read More »

Ensuring Optimal CX Through Adaptability and Diversity

One necessary characteristic of delivering on an ideal customer experience (CX) is adaptability. A big reason for this isn’t only the diversity of a customer base, but also the frequent changes in regulatory… Read More »

How to Hire the Best Call Center Agents (Even in a Tight Labor Market)

Putting top talent into customer-facing roles is the key to achieving high customer satisfaction, yet the current labor crunch makes it all but impossible for companies to keep their call centers staffed with… Read More »

Regional Strategies to Produce a Global Powerhouse

Think local, act global, is the new mantra of globalization. Believed to be an antithesis of regionalization for the longest time, globalization is now being touted as a sum total of several regional… Read More »

Why SMEs Need an Entrepreneurial Approach to BPO

Automation and technological advancements have made growth an easier proposition for companies, and more companies are growing. But this rapid growth can cause some growing pains. With this rapid growth, the need for… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Why Mexico is Primed to Plug the Tech Talent Shortage

The world faces a tech talent shortage that has been exacerbated by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Last year, global recruitment company ManpowerGroup published a report that said a stunning 54% of companies worldwide… Read More »

How Proving Language Ability Can Improve Your Contact Center’s Performance

Outsourcing contact center work from a Nearshore location has given many providers an edge, but it comes with a major challenge: for most agents, English is a second language. A contact center employing… Read More »

Data-Driven Strategies Supported by Cloud Enable Digital Growth

For Brazil-based Alelo, a financial services company specialised in the management of corporate in benefits, incentives expenses for SMEs, leveraging the cloud and using a data-driven methodology to develop digital products proved essential… Read More »

Why Colombia is the New Philippines

The Philippines has long had appeal as an outsourcing destination. Cost effective, with an abundant workforce and reliable infrastructure, the Asian nation enables providers to deliver an excellent service to customers in North… Read More »

Why Data-Driven Approaches to Digital Growth Matter

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on approaches to digital transformation is set to be significant. As Forrester Research’s 30 Predictions Report points out: “2021 will be the year that every company —… Read More »

Building a Future-fit Skilling Ecosystem for Human-ware Tomorrow

In the 1980s, Japanese carmakers faced a unique dilemma. They wanted to automate, but in a manner that would not alienate their workforce. The approach they adopted is what we now call human-ware… Read More »

How to Scale Up Your Nearshore Agile Capabilities and Overcome Common Challenges

When Service Central found itself growing exponentially as customer demand increased, it needed to look at ways to maintain its agile processes while working collaboratively with their nearshore partner, Cinq Technologies.  Jeff Foster,… Read More »

Jamaica Puts Focus on Upskilling as Digital Sourcing Opportunities Grow

In 2020, tens of thousands of Jamaican workers — in industries as diverse as BPO, media and the public sector — were thrust into a sudden, mass experiment in new ways of working.… Read More »

Jamaica Lauded for Work From Home Adaptability

Since March 2020, Jamaica, like every country in the world, has been battling with the Covid-19 pandemic. As authorities implemented various lockdowns, Jamaicans moved dramatically toward online channels. Companies and industries responded with… Read More »

Strong Company Culture Makes All the Difference in the CX Space

Some Nearshore providers speak of the importance of culture but lack the ability to fully comprehend how it can improve outcomes for their clients. The key is to commit to full engagement with… Read More »

USMCA: An Enduring Feature of Mexico’s Nearshore Superiority, if It Can Be Maintained

The USMCA is a free trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada that eliminates tariffs on most imported and exported goods. The agreement, which was ratified in 2020, is also unofficially known… Read More »

Technical Expertise is Not Enough: Agile Teams and the Secret to Client Engagement

For an agile approach to succeed, it must always be connected to the complete cycle of business value generation from the digital product perspective. Technology and product teams need to collaborate and focus… Read More »

Why the Mexico-USA Nearshore Relationship Continues to Bloom

Historically, the trade relationship between the United States and Latin America – and specifically Mexico – has focused on manufactured goods. However, over the past few decades, there has been a shift, with… Read More »

Human-Focused Automated Recruitment to Boom

Recruiting and retaining the right talent is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in business. As with most processes during the pandemic, companies have had to adapt their recruitment procedures and to use… Read More »

Next-Gen Cloud Tools Engage At-Home Workers

As the world has changed, so has the way we work. Ensuring that companies have the right tools in place for both employees and customers is crucial. Part of this is having one in… Read More »

The Right Partner and Migration Strategy is Key to Cloud Success

Spurred on by the global pandemic, the demand for cloud continues to grow. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have been the big winners, with AWS even crossing the $10… Read More »

Building a Loyal Culture is Key to Success in the Nearshore

We all know that loyalty and trust have to be earned. But it is also true that some individuals and cultures are more inclined to value these qualities. This is certainly true in… Read More »

Trinidad and Tobago Sets Sights on BPO Expansion

The wealth of English-speaking talent in Trinidad and Tobago is working to its favor, alongside its prime location outside of the hurricane belt and sustained government support. The country is enjoying increased interest… Read More »

How Automation Enabled a Shift to 100% Online Talent Acquisition

Through automation, the BPO company Alorica was able to lower its investment, while still increasing candidate satisfaction and shifting towards a seamless online application process. Covid-19 has changed the way most companies operate.… Read More »

GFT Costa Rica Case Study: Using Cloud and Agile to Aid Clients Adapting to Covid

As the global pandemic continues to transform the way we do business, it is also making customers look differently at the Nearshore and recognise the cost savings and agile approaches that the Nearshore… Read More »

A Successful Nearshore Operation Needs a Mission

Too many providers in Latin America are heavily focused on the Nearshore business model, without understanding the larger implications of delivering services to the United States. However, when it comes to software development,… Read More »

Psychographics: The New Criteria for a High-Performing Nearshore Workforce

The surge of remote work in 2020 has transformed the Nearshore labor market, so much so that talent acquisition professionals need a drastically different approach to evaluating the suitability of potential candidates. Before… Read More »

Four Best Practices for Developing High Availability Applications

User experience is now at the forefront of most organizations’ software development strategies. Service outages or system failures that disrupt users can quickly damage brand reputation, leading companies to find high availability solutions… Read More »

Flexshoring: Minimize Risk by Merging Nearshore and Offshore BPO Teams

As we inch closer to another uncertain year, organizations can rely on one thing and one thing only: long-term survival depends on bulletproof risk mitigation strategies. When it comes to mitigating risk in… Read More »

Five Tips for Selecting a Nearshore Development Partner in 2020

With remote work dominating the business world, the availability of international resources with technical expertise and English proficiency has exploded, making Nearshore software development one of the most attractive options available to US… Read More »

Product Support: What Can Nearshore Learn from Offshore?

US organizations have been outsourcing product support to offshore locations for many years, but as Nearshore’s reputation continues to rise, North American companies are growing more curious about the region’s viability as an… Read More »

Quality of Life Drives Investor Interest in Trinidad and Tobago

When it comes to attracting talented staff and robust international investment in an increasingly competitive environment, quality of life can play a major role. According to the OECD Indicators of Talent Attractiveness, quality… Read More »

Education and Language Power a “High Energy Workforce” in Trinidad

The quest for well-educated, English-speaking talent is one of the most significant factors when deciding on BPO destinations. Trinidad and Tobago was highlighted as having “one of the largest pools of English-speaking talent… Read More »

Hybrid Success: Merging Traditional Contact Center Support with Work-from-Home

Contact center outsourcing clients want guaranteed business continuity and security that is out of reach for BPO providers that are either pure-play brick-and-mortar or work-from-home (WFH) providers. The only real solution is the… Read More »

How to Recognize a Robust, Reliable Work-From-Home BPO Solution

Nearshore contact centers with work-from-home (WFH) capabilities are more reliable than ever, giving brands the opportunity to protect their business continuity strategies well into the future. While WFH has been an option for… Read More »

Trinidad: Infrastructure is Key Differentiator in New Era of Work-from-Home

With its stable infrastructure, diverse and educated talent pool and excellent geographic location, Trinidad and Tobago has emerged as a serious contender in supporting the work-from-home (WFH) model for BPO. In a post-Covid… Read More »

What do Contact Center Agents Really Expect?

Sure, big hiring bonuses are alluring, fair and reliable paychecks are a necessity as is a safe work environment, but what else are contact center agents really looking for from their employer? In… Read More »

The 3 Assets that Give Bolivia’s Software Ecosystem a Big Boost

As competition increases in the Nearshore software development sector, countries will need to demonstrate how they provide additional value to the ecosystem and stand out from the crowd. The core selling points of… Read More »

How to Create a Good UX in Fintech Apps?

The best premise in UX is creating apps that you would NOT be too lazy to use. How many times have you automatically pressed that “Skip” or “X” button even before reading what… Read More »

Why Innovation Requires Both a Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approach

Developing an ethos of innovation as part of company culture in the context of a BPO can be a tricky goal. For many organizations, the focus is on a top-down strategic innovation approach… Read More »

Nimble and Tech Savvy, Cloud-Based BPOs Expose Weaknesses in “Old Economy” Model

The evolution of the BPO industry is being shaped by the cloud, with smaller, nimbler start-ups taking advantage of the lower barriers to entry that the cloud offers. While the last few years… Read More »

How Bolivia Is Evolving Into a Nearshore Development Contender

Thanks to the efforts of private companies and growing interest from its national government, Bolivia is showing increasingly positive signs of becoming a contender in the Nearshore software development market. With a population… Read More »

New Demand for “High Touch” Back-Office Services

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for nearshore providers to offer back-office support. At times, a client will first engage with traditional client-facing BPO before moving up the value chain.… Read More »

Midmarket BPOs Bring an Agility that ‘Big Players’ Just Don’t Have

As larger BPO organizations continue to swallow up small and medium-sized BPO providers, the need for agile midmarket BPOs becomes ever more vital. In just four years, there has been a significant turn… Read More »

How to Find and Retain Remote Devs in Latin America

It’s no secret that software developers have become key assets to practically every industry in the world. This has led to a wider pool of opportunities for these professionals, which can make finding… Read More »

Why American English Fluency Matters in the Call Center

Have you ever called into a customer service line and known you were talking to someone 3,000 miles away? That distance is about more than physical separation; it can mean an inability to… Read More »

Sula Valley’s Culture of Innovation is Key Driver for BPO Investment

Honduras’s second-largest city, San Pedro Sula, has a lot to offer the BPO industry, with the city’s civic and business leaders working hard to make the location appealing to providers. “San Pedro Sula’s… Read More »

Compliance Mandates Lead to More Aggressive Background Checks

The level of compliance that companies meet when hiring job applicants and suppliers, especially when it comes to data protection and fraud prevention, is a critical differentiator for nearshore outsourcing. For companies that… Read More »

Saturation a Concern in Costa Rica? Forget About It

Central America’s most popular outsourcing destination has always been an attractive choice for businesses: close proximity to the U.S., no trouble finding agents with excellent English skills, educational standards higher than average for… Read More »

The Case for a Sustainable BPO Ecosystem in Honduras

For nearshore providers, many factors go into country selection, with labor availability and quality being among the most critical. Both these factors are present in Honduras, which has a population of about 9.3… Read More »

The General Data Protection Law: A New Paradigm for Data Protection in Brazil

Brazil’s new data protection regulation will come into force in August 2020. The General Data Protection Law (LGPD in Portuguese), which adopts best practices on transparency, legal certainty and efficiency, will make a… Read More »

In Tijuana, U.S. Business Culture is Close to Home

The alignment of business culture is a critical component for the success of any outsourcing engagement. As clients look around the world for an ideal fit, they can face cultural challenges that affect… Read More »

Getting the Balance Right: Happy Employees, Excellent Results

In the results-driven world of BPO, employee happiness often seems to be in conflict with the notion of exceptional delivery for customers, but the reality is that these two aspects are not really… Read More »

The Challenges for Background Screening in Latin America

Companies outsourcing may come across difficulties with the culture of background checks in Latin America. Here are some of those common challenges.

Multi-language Support Comes Ashore in Tijuana

Tijuana, Mexico offers a number languages, including Portuguese and Mandarin, as a nearshore location because of the large number of immigrants. GGA Solutions looks at the depth of language capabilities in Tijuana.

How to Localize Applicant Screening Standards in Latin America

Employers that operate in several countries, with a mobile workforce, need to apply global background screening standards for both their direct and contracted or outsourced employees. MultiLatin’s David Robillard explains the importance of localizing that process and the criteria to getting it right.

8 Steps to Running a Successful Product Discovery Phase with Your Nearshore Team

UruIT looks at what goes in to a product discovery phase and how customers can work with their nearshore partner to ensure this is successful, using eight simple steps.

As Near as Nearshore Can Be: Software Development in Tijuana

Tijuana has an untapped developer resource that, historically, has been overshadowed somewhat by the city’s BPO industry, which boasts a workforce of about 13,000.

OneLink CEO Calls for Mandatory English Courses in Latin America

In addition to ensuring there is adequate English language skills in each country, OneLink BPO CEO Eduardo Salazar believes there is a need for greater flexibility in labor laws to allow for hiring hourly employees.

Co-Manage: The New Nearshore Model for IT Operations

The Co-Manage model, designed by Colombian tech company, NativApps, allows companies to build, run and transfer white-label operations in the country.

How Nearshore Outsourcing Companies Can Adopt a Remote-First Mindset

Remote-first companies are organizations that were built under a specific mindset: work can be done from anywhere in the world and a 9 to 5 culture isn’t necessary to grow a successful business, promote collaboration, independence and a healthy work-life balance.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Nearshore Team

A nearshore services provider with more than 10 years’ experience in Foonkie Monkey leading Latin American teams offers his perspectives on taking a team to the next level.

Colombia-Canada IT Opportunities: An Interview with Colombia’s Trade Commissioner in Toronto

Colombia is going deep as an internationally-recognized benchmark for creative and cultural Industries, and especially in tech-enabled sectors.

Software Developers Finding Hard-Sought Talent in Latin America

Increasing numbers of US developers are outsourcing machine learning, UX/UI design and discovery phase to the region.

The Importance of Sharing Responsibility in IT Nearshore Services

Foonkie Monkey’s co-founder and CSO Camilo Paez looks at why nearshore outsourcers should ensure there is shared responsibility between the client and the outsourcer to ensure on-time, on-budget success.

How an Online Training Platform Benefitted from Ditching the Monolith

Scalability, technology selection and managing team growth were core drivers for online IT training platform CBT Nuggets’ choice to move to microservices. In our webinar on microservices, CTO Sean Sullivan and Tiempo Development’s Mike Hahn and Angel Almada explained how to deploy microservices and reap the benefits.

Hitting a Home Run with Microservices

Tiempo development’s COO Mike Hahn talks how to get the best out of microservices by aligning team structure, tools, and processes. For more on microservices and getting it right for your organization sign up for the webinar on April 3.

How to Make Microservices Sing – Part 2

In this second of a two-part focus on how to make microservices really work for your organization, Tiempo development’s COO Mike Hahn talks best practices and how to develop a plan for deploying microservices. For more on microservices and getting it right for your organization sign up for the webinar on April 3.

How to Make Microservices Sing – Part 1

In this first of a two-part focus on how to make microservices really work for your organization, Tiempo development’s COO Mike Hahn examines the decoupling process and looks at identifying pain points. For more on microservices and getting it right for your organization sign up for the webinar on April 3.

The Achilles Heel of Monoliths

In the lead up to Nearshore Americas’s special webinar presentation on April 3rd at 2pm EDT, Mike Hahn, one of the webinar panel members, explores what you need to know about microservices and getting it right for your organisation in this series.

Microservices: Right or Wrong for Your Organization?

While microservices can offer significant benefits over monolithic and service-oriented architecture, it is not right for every situation. A thorough analysis of the organization’s needs as well as an examination of whether or not the application is a good fit is warranted.

Microservices and SOA – Friends or Foes?

Microservices has suffered from a reputation problem, partially as a result of the failure of implementation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Tiempo Development COO Mike Hahn clears up the confusion and looks at how microservices differs from SOA.

Nearshore Brings RPA to the Mid-Market

Robotic process automation can yield dividends not only for large corporates but also for mid-market organizations.

Canadians Are Discovering a Win-Win in Colombian Digital Industries

The momentum of Colombia’s IT and digital content industries as a Latin American contender on the global stage has been building for some time. 

From India to Nearshore: Getting it Right

The India IT offshoring model has been under stress for several years, but what are the real factors leading to Nearshore being a better alternative?

Don’t Ignore the Importance of Cultural Holidays When Building Mexican Teams

For Nearshore companies that want to establish teams in Mexico, it’s vital to accommodate the needs of Mexican workers on these special days.

How to Launch an Operation in Guyana and Gain a First-Mover Advantage

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) offers practical advice on launching new operations in Guyana, considering factors like talent development, customer training, and local perception.

How APIs are Driving Valuable Opportunities in Payments and Financial Services

Kevin Fox, EVP at Novopayment, breaks down why the payments and financial services sectors offer notable opportunities for more advanced API practices, especially in the Americas.

Why Nearshore Digital Marketing Services are Taking Off Big Time in Mexico

As digital marketing becomes more popular, US clients have been working with more partners in Mexico thanks to its cost, efficiency, and knowledge in the sector.

How to Choose a Nearshore Mobile App Development Partner with Confidence

Mexican digital agency Ingenia provides tips on choosing the right mobile app development partner, and ensuring that your project will be a success.

Why The Time is Right for Investing in API Development and Fintech Partnerships

APIs have quietly become key business drivers as companies seek out solutions to lagging interoperability, making now a great time to partner with fintech providers and outsourcing firms that can bridge that gap.

How to Avoid Common Oversights when Setting up New Operations in LatAm

Accounting firm J.A. Del Río highlights the most common oversights that companies make when pursuing Nearshore presence, as well as giving advice on how to avoid them.

The Pros and Cons of Scrum Methodology on a Nearshore Level

Mexican agency Ingenia weighs up the pros and cons of scrum, giving practical examples and advice for maximizing the benefits on a Nearshore level.

5 Ways to Ensure the Greatest Benefits from Your RPA Implementation

Eric Liebross from Auxis breaks down some of the lessons learned during RPA implementations and how to best capitalize on the cost and efficiency benefits.

Why Nearshore Outsourcing is a Sure-Fire Solution to IT Talent Drought

AAJ Tech explains why nearshore outsourcing can be a great way to prevent your internal team from burnout, and compensate for the shortage of IT resources.

Top Tips for Eliminating Any Doubts About Software Development Outsourcing

Software development outsourcing is much less scary and intimidating than it seems. The guys from UruIT give their top tips for avoiding nearshore partnership jitters.

How Nearshore Advantages Can Drastically Enhance Software Productization Projects

Jorge Agnese from AAJ Technologies explains why if you’re trying to get a software productization project off the ground, nearshoring is a powerful and cost-effective way to make it happen.

Five Reasons Why the Stability of your Nearshore Agile Team Matters

Any nearshore software initiative hinges on the long-term stability of your teams, so here are five key reasons why long-term, stable teams are crucial to a successful agile model.

Digital Transformation in Warranty Management Holds Great Benefits for Aftermarket

Technology is causing waves of digital transformation in businesses today, and warranty management is a traditional area not to be left behind in this evolution.

Digital Transformation: Jump, or the Market Will Push You

Many organizations engaged in digital transformation are struggling,so here are some key issues worth keeping in mind if you’re to succeed in the process.

Limitless Opportunities Amid the Internet of Things Revolution

The scope of possibility when it comes to Internet of Things technology is almost startling. Exploiting the development potential will be an exciting ride, with incredible scope for profit.

The Case for Colombia: 5 Reasons We Chose Medellin for Agile IT Services

Marcelo Lopez, co-founder of the software development outsourcing firm UruIT, explains the five primary reasons why his company chose Medellin, Colombia, to establish new offices.

Industry 4.0-as-a-service: BPO Solutions in the Age of Digital Manufacturing

As the manufacturing industry moves rapidly into the fourth industrial revolution, Infosys explains how digital manufacturing will play a key part in its Industry 4.0-as-a-service value proposition.