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Our Top Picks in the Up and Coming Ranks of Brazil’s Banking Services and Software

Brazil is internationally known for its tradition of high-technology banking systems and financial services, which are typically exported to the whole world. Many of those companies gathered here recently for the XXI CiabFebraban Congress, Latin America’s largest event dedicated to IT applications for the financial industry. (Last year, the congress attracted approximately 16,000 visitors from 23 different countries and 133 exhibitors.)

The conference was an opportunity for small and medium-size companies to showcase their creative IT ideas for domestic and foreign visitors. That was the express purpose of Espaço Inovação, a space organized by ITS (Institute for Software Technology and Services) and Febraban (Federation of the Brazilian Banks), whose objective is to encourage innovation in financial IT in Brazil.

Twenty-three companies presented their applications and solutions. All of them were previously chosen by specialists from ITS, which acts as an agent of Softex (the Association for Promoting Brazilian Software Exports).

We visited CiabFebraban to find some of the stand-out providers and services in five main categories.

Process Management

Visent: This company from Brasília developed SQM (Service Quality Management) and CEM (Customer Experienced Management) solutions that identify situations of quality degradation and performance failures, providing information about how, who, where, and when each customer is using each banking service. It also offers an entire environment for analyzing and improving operational and strategic processes for each bank service.

Finance Management

Cash Monitor: Among the first banking applications that take advantage of cloud computing. Their solution presented at Ciab is a web-based platform that uses the SaaS model and enables companies to consolidate, organize, and monitor patterns automatically for different accounts and credit cards, all on one screen, without having to visit different banking sites. It is compatible with any ERP system.


Esférica: Every time a customer uses an Internet banking service or e-commerce website, it requires some sort of security tool in the transaction, and that tool may vary depending on the service and the company. Esférica’s application e-Token creates dual authentication and a temporary password that allows customers to use their own mobile devices (like cellphones, tablets, or netbooks) to generate temporary codes used in the transaction. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Web Solutions

E-VAL Tecnologia em Informática: This company specializes in offering middleware solutions, or those that make possible the connection between the client’s devices and the bank’s systems, especially for mobile ones, like smartphones and tablets. The solution presented at Ciab, the E-VAL CloudID, is designed for cloud solutions, and is based on an SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) model and on open standards.

Marketing and Business

CoffeeBean Technology: Despite the name, this is not a Brazilian company, but Ciab was the right place for them to present their solution, a software platform for marketing and sales that uses social media, like Twitter and Facebook, for customer relationships.

Check out some of the other companies that presented financial IT solutions at Espaço Inovação:

ValeMobi: a solution for unification of market data for buying and selling stocks

Microfile: technology for digital storage, online querying, and guarding of extracts, reports, and legacy data.

Inflexion: a platform for managing receivables.

IT Quality Systems: a program that streamline processes and increases the relationship between payers and suppliers.

Siena Idea: developed a system called BOSS, for analyzing corporate expenses.

Oxyon: web application to support B2B sales management.

MID Business: created the Fluid platform, to manage at low cost a company’s relationship channels in a flexible and automatic way.

WITicket: developed mobile tickets that can be used to purchase products or services straight from mobile platforms.

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ABC Technology: its application enables integration and management of banking operations shared between the users and their banks.

Certimarca Soluções: a security system that aims to protect business against counterfeiting in a flexible way and at a competitive cost.

E-Sec Segurança Digital: solutions to help financial companies migrate from use of magnetic-stripe cards to those that use microchips, called EMV.

Simply Solutions: ChassiWeb makes possible the sale of loan products and bank financing with biometric identification online.

Valor Consultoria em Informática: developed a biometric protocol for effective control of customer transactions.

Smartcon: has created a micro payment model that works on Android`s operating system

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