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Industry Stakeholders Cannot Afford to Miss Sourcing Decisions 2017: Peter Ryan

“Every stakeholder in the sourcing industry and anyone looking for an innovative outsourcing model cannot afford to miss the Sourcing Decisions 2017 event scheduled to take place in Toronto in early March,” says Peter Ryan, Principal, Ryan Strategic Advisory.

In an interview with CATAAlliance, a high-tech association in Canada, Ryan said the event is one of the most important outsourcing conferences taking place in Canada this year.

Scheduled for March 2, the conference is designed to provide a platform for sourcing buyers and decision-makers to discuss the explosive state of global services, where cloud, as-a-service offerings, and nimble startups are forcing a brand new procurement paradigm.

The event features panel discussions on artificial intelligence and automation, which “are the buzzwords in the industry today, with everyone being curious to know what an impact they can have on sourcing decisions,” said Ryan.

One of the leading minds in the American outsourcing industry, particularly when it comes to CRM outsourcing, Peter Ryan is also among speakers at the event.

“Any enterprise decision maker in Canada looking for an outsourcing partner should seriously consider attending the event,” Ryan said, detailing who will be the major participants in the event.

“It is also an important event for those interested in knowing about the sourcing industry in Canada, whether he is a consultant, journalist, or an analyst,” he said.

“The Canadian BPO sector is a conservative group. It tends to be a group of organizations performing their duty extremely well. They are trying to break out of the pack and looking to know what is being done in the global outsourcing market. And they want these innovations being brought to Canada,” he added.

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