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High-Ranking LAC State Department Official Tops Agenda at Nexus 2015

Francisco Palmieri, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Caribbean and Central America at the U.S. Department of State, will discuss new perspectives on engaging Latin America and the Caribbean in the keynote address at Nexus 2015 in New York City on April 30.

Palmieri brings a wealth of first-hand experience from the region, having served in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, and Venezuela, and overseen over US$800 million in International Law Enforcement and Narcotics programs in Mexico and Colombia.

At Nexus, Palmieri will provide fresh perspective on the evolving reconciliation with Cuba, the government’s push toward greater prosperity in Central America and an overall view on success factors for U.S. businesses expanding operations in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Now in its fifth year, the annual Nexus conference organized by Nearshore Americas has established itself as the premiere executive-level event for the thriving Nearshore IT and BPO marketplace. Other confirmed speakers include Atefeh Riazi, CIO of the United Nations, Andy Nixon, CIO at Corning, Tim Norton, vendor management head at UPS, Pace Harmon partner Marc Tanowitz, Honduran entrepreneur Yusuf Amdani, former CTO at Chatham Financial Patrick Millar,  and Frost & Sullivan’s Global Program Manager for Customer Care, Stephen Loynd.

As always, the agenda is packed with an array of informative presentations, thought-provoking panels and high-level networking sessions. This year’s CIO Super Panel will focus on digital disruption, answering the question: How are global IT partners helping the C-suite adapt to radical change in the enterprise?

The Nearshore’s increased recognition as a global center for application development and testing will be the focus of one of the panels, as the session debates issues of perception and maturity as industry practices evolve into more sophisticated areas of expertise.

Another panel will tackle vendor leadership, examining how top-tier vendor management leaders are building better models for collaboration while guiding business and IT portfolios grows more complex. Given the ever-widening array of outsourcing destinations available to the BPO decision-maker, there will also be discussion of which nearshore markets to watch and where the best value can be found for your investment dollar.

During the “Difference Makers” panel, Nexus will identify and celebrate a set of industry leaders who have single-handedly created new jobs and new inspiration for a new generation of professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition to its comprehensive content program, Nexus will stage the premiere of an exciting new documentary, created by the Nearshore Americas team, that focuses on “Mexico’s States of Innovation.” The documentary — currently being filmed and produced in Mexico –  will feature key centers of IT development and services: Guadalajara, Mexico City, Querétaro and Monterrey.

Nexus 2015 takes place on April 30 from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Apella Event Space at Alexandria Center in New York City.

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Duncan Tucker

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