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Stefanini Opens Office in Guadalajara

(Press release) Sao Paulo, September 2010 – Stefanini IT Solutions, the largest national service provider and a leading global technology solution, has just opened another consulting office in Mexico.  The 41st consulting office is located in the city of Guadalajara and has already started operations as part of a strategy to offer more personalized service to its customers based in the region. The firm intends to serve a market that is the third largest in the country, after Mexico City and Monterrey.

The performance of Stefanini has been gaining attention in Mexico and grew in 2009, 90% over 2008.  The previous year the growth had reached the milestone of 100% over 2007, driven especially by increasing its activities in the financial market.  In 2010, the Operations Director, Marcelo Ciasca, has an expectation to grow 50% of sales organically.

“It is because the consultancy have vast knowledge and experience in banking, not just the technical issue, but also in the customer’s business.  We have agility and competitive costs, which makes a significant difference,” says the executive.  Stefanini today serves some of the major banks in Mexico: HSBC, Santander, BBVA Bancomer and Banamex.

Among the major projects developed in these banks are Software Factory, corrective maintenance and evolution of applications, analysis and application design, consulting SCRUM (Agile) projects in various price closed systems, and support to areas of technology and datacenter.

Stefanini Mexico maintains more than 350 professionals working on projects in these four banks.  “Among the competitive advantages include the proximity to the U.S., the expense of Brazil and the large number of professionals with fluent English,” he says.

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The expansion of consulting on Mexican soil began in 2000.  Since then, the market is one of the fastest growing within the company.  There are now three offices and a center for software development.  Ciasca mentions that the expectation is that in 2011 the new branch will represent at least 25% of total sales in the Mexican Republic.


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