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New Survey Shows Global Outsourcers Think Chile Is a Safe Investment

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NEW YORK CITY — Nearshore Americas, a specialized provider of news and content about the fastest-growing outsourcing market, Latin America, has just released research results that showed Chile’s strong emergence as a destination for outsourcing services. The research is released in conjunction with the premiere of Nearshore Nexus, the first large-scale industry conference and exhibition that examines knowledge-services outsourcing to Latin America.

From populist uprisings in Libya and Egypt to authoritative crackdowns in China, overseas markets have recently experienced a profound level of geopolitical disruption. US business leaders are consequently re-assessing their outsourcing portfolios to prioritize those markets that offer more stability.

In a survey of 266 outsourcing decision-makers across the Americas, Nearshore Americas found that Chile is considered a uniquely stable market for outsourcing. Civil unrest or violence in Chile was rated as a Very Low to Low concern by 80 percent of respondents, while street crime was rated Very Low to Low by 74 percent.

Seventy-three percent of respondents rated Chile’s level of political stability as High.

“Because Chile’s outsourcing services are largely concentrated in two cities, Santiago and Valparaiso, the perception of political stability among respondents generally reflects the stability in those markets,” said Kirk Laughlin, editorial director of Nearshore Americas. “Still, the positive perceptions of Chile in particular are important. Outdated safety perceptions of Latin America are widespread, and decision-makers are frequently too reliant on partial or imprecise information, not assessments of the situation on the ground, when evaluating geopolitical risk on a market-by-market basis.”

The survey also found investors hold higher-than-expected safety perceptions toward other countries in Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia. Generally, respondents did not limit safety concerns to the occurrence of petty crime or street violence, also including larger-scale civil unrest and pro-democracy demonstrations as threats to personal safety.

The full research results are available here.

Sponsors of Nearshore Nexus also released the following news to coincide with the convention:

* Common Sense, an experienced services company specializing in software, websites, and technology integrations, announced it will open a new office in Tandil, Argentina in response to new projects. It is set to open next June.

Read its blog here.

* Ci&T, a technology outsourcing and software product engineering company, today announced the launch of Accelerate, a new solution designed to provide value to companies focused on delivering disruptive technologies to market quickly. With Accelerate, Ci&T focuses its attention on helping both small, emerging and large, global companies turn ideas into marketable products — fast.

Visit its press room here.

* ThoughtWorks, a global custom software expert and leader in enterprise agile software delivery, recently inaugurated its first South American office, located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Within its first 14 months, the company grew the office to more than 85 ‘ThoughtWorkers’ and has plans for similar growth for the office throughout 2011.

Visit its newsroom here.

* Unosquare, a bi-national corporation providing software development, testing, and support, said it will release an advance copy of “Nearshoring to Latin America: An Executive Guide” during Nearshore Nexus.

The book’s content includes direct cost and feature comparisons between India and Mexico, the main players in the nearshore world, security and safety issues, and other matters. The company will distribute 200 advance copies during the conference; the final book will be available for sale as an eBook on June 1.

Read more about the company on its blog.

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