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Teleperformance Co-founder Daniel Julien Takes Over As CEO

Daniel Julien has been named chief executive officer at Teleperformance as incumbent CEO Paulo César Salles Vasques steps down without notice.

Julien, 64, who co-founded the call center giant in 1978, will also serve as Group Chairman, while Vasques will assist the company in his home country of Brazil as a non-executive chairman.

“This decision reflects the Board’s renewed confidence in Daniel Julien who, as chief executive officer, will have full responsibility for managing and representing Teleperformance,” the BPO provider stated in a press release without talking much about Vasques’ resignation.

Vasques joined Teleperformance as CEO in 2013. During his tenure, reports say, Teleperformance increased its annual revenue by 50% to US$4.2 billion.

Julien told French media that he was not prepared to take over as CEO and wanted a young executive to take charge, “But the reality turned out to be a little different,” he said.

The Paris-based operator appears to have reshuffled its entire top management team. It has appointed Olivier Rigaudy the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of finance, and Leigh Ryan the Chief Legal Officer and Compliance Officer.

Jeff Balagna, former chairman of the Anglophone and Asia-Pacific region, was appointed Group Operations Director; Yannis Tourcomanis, has be named President of Continental Europe, Middle East, and Africa; Brian Johnson and David Rizzo were appointed as Anglophone and Asia-Pacific Co-Presidents; and Agustin Grisanti was appointed Chairman of the Iberico-LATAM zone.

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Teleperformance has grown into one of the largest voice-based BPO operators in Latin America. Earlier this month, it announced its expansion into Peru, launching a call center in the capital city of Lima that will hire as many as 500 people.

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