Nearshore Americas



What Key Influencers and Market Movers Say About Nearshore Americas

“Nearshore Americas has been a true partner to the investment promotion agency in El Salvador by covering the most important issues in the “Nearshore” services industry. They constantly keep in touch and are aware of trends that influence and drive this fast-growing sector in the country.”

Jessica Bukele

Offshore Business Services Investment Specialist, PROESA

“Nearshore America’s has established itself as the leading source for all things related to nearshore. We have taken advantage of their expertise, content, research and partnership. They have been a vital cog to the unparalleled success Ibex has had in the market. We value our partnership with NSAM and will continue to utilize their robust menu of advisory services.”

Bob Dechant

CEO, Ibex

“Not only is the entire team at NSAM extremely professional and knowledgeable, they also go the extra mile to make sure all involved parties achieve the best possible results possible. In the everchanging world of BPOs, they made sure we were up to date with the current trends and correctly positioned for future ones. Having access to their extensive network also made quite a difference for us.”

John Maalouf

Vice President, Nuevos Horizontes

Ben Roberts

President, Office Partners 360


COVID taught OP360 that we needed more geographic diversification and stronger multi-country redundancy from a BCP perspective. We also noticed an increase in demand for nearshore BPO delivery centers that only accelerated during COVID. The majority of RFP opportunities from our channel partners were nearshore and we were being disqualified from many of these based on our 100% offshore geo footprint in India/Philippines. This highlighted an immediate need to make sure that our geo footprint would check every box to maximize each of these opportunities. Lastly, we were seeing an increase in demand for bilingual English-Spanish given the demographic shift in the USA.


In general, FIGS languages proved to be very difficult to scale within the Philippines and not cost-effective, especially for clients that required in-center agents as opposed to WFH. After deciding to seriously pursue a captive nearshore operation, Nearshore Americas enabled us to move much faster by saving us significant due diligence time by sharing white papers and extensive up to date research. Our speed to implementation was much faster due to Nearshore Americas‘ research and relationships by allowing us to laser focus on a specific country and 2-3 cities, as well as providing the warm introductions to the investment agencies in each of the cities they recommended. In fact, one of those Investment Advisor intros ended up being our first employee hire as our Colombia Operations Manager and he has done an excellent job building a seasoned management team around him of BPO experts. Less than 90 days after hiring our first employee that was introduced to us by Nearshore Americas, I’m excited to share that we are already up to 60 full time employees and growing to 100+ employees within the next month. In summary, Kirk and the Nearshore Americas team enabled us to move at lightning speed given their deep local industry/market knowledge, subject matter expertise and existing relationships.