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The 10 Greatest Hits at Nearshore Nexus

With Nexus 2018 just around the corner, it’s time to look back at some of the most valuable and engaging presentations from previous iterations of this seminal Nearshore event.

Over the last eight years, Nexus has been a platform for some highly provocative and informative talks, so we’ve dug into the archives to rank some of the key moments that significantly impacted our perspectives on this dynamic industry.

10. Nexus 2014 Keynote: “My advice to Latin America is to look forward” 

At Nexus 2014, Vivek Wadhwa explained why the exponential growth of disruptive technologies was about to create massive opportunities for Nearshore countries. The “future” he described then is now very real.


9. What If My Enterprise is Reluctant to Outsource?

At Nexus 2011, Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research, challenged CIOs and IT leaders to take advantage of disruptions in IT services and capitalize on third-party outsourcers. Six years on, corporate adoption strategies are increasingly involving external resources — a trend that is showing no signs of slowing.

8. What Nearshoring Means for the Individual Worker

Mike Barrett, CEO at Unosquare, delivers an alternative perspective on the impact of Latin American outsourcing at Nexus 2013, revealing the economic and social impact on the human side of the industry.

7. Chinchilla: Costa Rica Wants to Export Talents, Not People

Laura Chinchilla, Former President of the Republic of Costa Rica, talks during the Nexus 2016 leadership keynote address about lessons from Costa Rica’s thriving nearshore market.

6. CNN’s Rafael Romo and Former President Uribe: The Colombia Experience

One of our highest profile speakers during the last seven years, Alvaro Uribe, Former President of the Republic of Colombia, talks guerrillas and Kirchner’s mistakes, giving candid answers in a very special interview at Nexus 2012.

5. “The Desire is There”

Combining the unique viewpoints of an investor, entrepreneur, international banker and business chamber leader, Fernando Fabre, Fabrizio Opertti, Rudy Ganner, and Santiago Pinzón, tackle the ever-important topic of the human capital component of nearshoring at Nexus 2013.

4. Nearshore Nexus 2015 Mexico Leadership Panel

Two years ago, this panel really highlighted Mexico’s need to confront the incoming trends at the time in order to retain a strong position. Today, Mexico’s strengths are clearer, but must be leveraged even further in the new political environment if the country’s tech industry is to continue to thrive.

3. How Should Global Businesses & Their IT Partners React to Digital Disruption?

In this Nexus 2015 panel, Anupam Govil, Atefeh Riazi, Bernardo Chevez, and Ranjit Prithviraj discussed how companies were leveraging new digital opportunities and engaging with IT partners to transform into digital enterprises.

2. Workforce Availability & Risk Concerns Are Driving BPO Location Strategy

A panel of industry experts agreed at Nexus 2015 that finding a low-risk environment and a sizable talent pool are two of the biggest concerns for nearshore buyers when scouting for locations.

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1. State Dept’s Francisco Palmieri: “We are at a historic moment in the Americas”

In his keynote address at Nexus 2015,  Francisco Palmieri, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Caribbean and Central America at the U.S. State Department, declared that change in U.S. foreign policy in the region is creating enormous opportunities for private sector investors. Palmieri’s speech really drives home the true strength of Nearshore as we see it today.

To experience these valuable discussions in person, join us at Nexus 2018 on June 26 & 27 in San Francisco, California. To register or for more info click here

Matt Kendall

During his 2+ years as Chief Editor at Nearshore Americas, Matt Kendall operated at the heart of both the Nearshore BPO and IT services industries, reporting on the most impactful stories and trends in the sector.

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