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The Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies

Research firm Everest Group announced its top IT outsourcing companies, and there is a surprise in pole position. “Our assumption would have been that Accenture would be No. 1 and IBM would be No. 2,” Abhishek Singh, practice director at Everest Group, told CIO magazine. “But as we began to consolidate and analyze the data, it was clear that Cognizant had upped their game by way of year-on-year growth. That’s what landed them on top. ” Here is the full list: (1) Cognizant, (2) Accenture, (3) IBM, (4) TCS, (5) Wipro, (6) HCL, (7) Dell, (8) Infosys, (9) CapGemini+IGATE, and (10) CSC.

Jared Wade

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