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Upstarts Threaten Big Players in Potential LatAm BPO Boom

By Dan BerthiaumeLatin American nations make up about one-quarter of the 2012 list of Top 100 outsourcing locations compiled by global outsourcing research/advisory firm Tholons, and that is no accident. As Manuel Ravago, president for research at Tholons, explains, Latin America is an up-and-comer in the world of BPO. And more agile smaller countries might make the most of that.

“We view Latin America as the next important outsourcing destination globally,” says Ravago. “The world will soon realize Latin America can do more than speak Spanish.”

Latin America possesses several factors that give it an edge over more traditional BPO locations such as China and India, according to Ravago. “First of all, Latin America has Nearshore value due to things like time zone and general proximity, which India and China can’t compete with,” he says. “From an operational perspective those things can make a huge difference.”

Ravago also cites Latin America’s linguistic advantages, but not just in terms of Spanish. “There are a lot of other languages in Latin America,” he says. “There are pockets of many other populations, like Italian and German speakers.”

Furthermore, Ravago says outsourcing certain business processes to Latin America can help US firms better serve the rapidly expanding domestic Hispanic market, which represents the country’s fastest-growing minority group. “If a company is looking to offer Hispanic consumers customer support, can India provide it?” asks Ravago. “No. Can Latin America provide it? Yes.”

In addition, Ravago says China is still relatively focused on serving its domestic BPO market, with “nearshore” for China meaning other Asian nations such as South Korea and Japan. “Those are not markets Latin America has to compete with,” he states.

Latin American BPO Attracts India

According to Ravago, the BPO potential of Latin America is bright enough to attract the interest of many major Indian BPO providers. “A lot of Indian companies want to break into the US Hispanic market, and Latin America is a stepping stone,” he says.

There have already been a number of Indian BPO delivery centers established in Latin America, says Ravago. “They will see the wealth of skills available and move into higher-value services. The number of delivery centers and investments is set to expand in the near term.”

Costa Rica, Colombia: Strong Potential

Tholons’ report on the top Latin American global outsouring locations cites Costa Rica and Colombia in particular as showing strong growth potential. According to Tholons, Costa Rica will benefit from its skilled labor force as the global BPO market moves toward vertical-specific, high value services. Costa Rica is also trying to attract more investments in its creative services outsourcing industry.

Meanwhile, Colombia has enacted a program known as “Transformacion Productivia” which acknowledges IT-BPO as a key growth activity. This effort includes a widescale focus on more effective training and capacity-building programs for its KPO and ITO segments.

Tholons also calls out Santiago, Chile, in particular for a sustained drive to hone expertise in vertical-specific processes.

Brazil, Mexico, Argentina: Internal Risks

According to the Tholons report, three of the most established Latin American BPO provider nations – Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina, need to address internal social, economic and political risks, including inflation, to “regain lost momentum.” If these countries do not counteract internal risks, Tholons warns smaller “upstart” Latin American destinations such as Peru may capitalize on their lost market opportunity.

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Ravago added further commentary on Brazil, noting that as an emerging market it offers economic opportunities on par with India and China, but saying Brazilian BPO providers must adopt a less provincial outlook. “A lot of Brazilian BPO providers are ‘eccentric in their outlook; they are not looking for Nearshore or offshore opportunities,” said Ravago.


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