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US AI Developer Conversica Acquires Chilean Rival Intelligens

US artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider Conversica has acquired its Latin American rival for an unknown price, gaining a considerable foothold in the region.

Headquartered in Santiago, Chile, Intelligens develops AI solutions for the sales and marketing units of large businesses. A large majority of its clients are concentrated in Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Bolivia.

Intelligens comes into Conversica’s fold with a platform that integrates with popular social media and communication channels, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Skype. Furthermore, Intelligens has a large repository of AI conversations in Spanish, a wealthy data set that Conversica can make the most of in Latino-dominated regions of the United States.

Conversica stated that it will soon incorporate Intelligens’ technology, conversations, and data set into its own AI platform, increasing what it called “AI accuracy”.

“Intelligens’ conversational expertise and training data in Spanish will enable us to further enhance our AI capabilities for our customers who seek to reach the 400+ million Spanish speakers in the world,” Conversica stated in a press release.

Conversica CEO, Alex Terry, says the ‘conversational AI space is exploding’ as more and more organizations recognize the value of automating routine conversations to grow revenue, manage costs, and free up their human workforce for more productive activities.

Foster City, CA-based Conversica’s AI-based platform powers virtual assistants, or chatbots, which carry out much of the routine and mundane tasks associated with sales and marketing, such as sending confirmations, offers, updates, and requests for additional meetings.

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Known as ‘sales assistant’, the AI platform sifts through conversation data to identify the right clients for the sales team to pursue, freeing executives up to spend more time closing business.

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