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US Call Center Startup QC2 Continues Expanding in Nicaragua

American BPO startup Quality Contact Centers (QC2) has bulked up in Nicaragua with the launch of another call center. Its newest delivery center has now sprung up in Bluefields, a bustling town in Nicaragua’s Caribbean region.
Miami-based QC2 says the rising demand for bilingual call center services in the United States is driving its expansion in Nicaragua.
QC2 expanded to Nicaragua some years ago by launching a small call center in Managua. Today it is running two call centers in the Nicaraguan capital city.
“We identified a very attractive talent pool, and we are ready to test the waters in Bluefields,” said Alexander Franklin, CEO of QC2. The company has not disclosed how many people it would hire for its operation in Bluefields. But local newspapers say it would take on about 50 bilingual professionals.
From Nicaragua, it is providing translation services in addition to IT support, sales, market research, and business development for its clients in the United States.
“Our vision is to make Bluefields the next major outsourcing destination in Central America,” Franklin added.
Last week, the company organized a job fair in Bluefields for recruiting staff for its new center. Considering its statement, QC2 knows it well that the easy availability of talent pool is central to its success in this Caribbean region. Therefore, it is talking of aligning with local firms for launching vocational call center certification programs.
“Our plans include expanding the existing talent base in the country, training and preparing new talent, and developing new operations with other call centers,” says Franklin.
The outsourcing industry in Nicaragua has employed about 8,000 people, but the government is trying to increase this number to 48,000.
“Our success in Bluefields is critical for the industry. It is key for QC2 to collaborate with other outsourcing Companies in order to help them establish their operations in Bluefields as well, without having to incur the cost of infrastructure and other expenses, all while allowing them to benefit from having a presence in this destination,” Franklin said.

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