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Venture Guadalajara: A Three Day, High-Voltage “Eye Opener”



What’s the most powerful way to really connect with the Nearshore outsourcing marketplace? For a group of US and Latin America software, BPO and call center investors – the answer was found on the ground in Guadalajara, Mexico this week through a project called “Venture Guadalajara”, organized and executed by Nearshore Americas.[slideshow]

The special investor mission featured briefings and roundtable sessions in the mornings, followed by visits to such locations as the highly regarded Tec De Monterrey campus, Centro De Software (a center for IT and digital startups and innovation firms) and tours of iGate, Oracle, Dell Services and HCL. Every single investor came away with high praise for the city’s robust and high-performing IT ecosystem. “There is an energy bubbling up here that s really special,” said one investor who has established operations in Brazil but is looking closely at Mexico.

For a senior IT decision maker who has outsourced to India for over ten years’, his first visit to the Nearshore region was a major eye-opener. “I’m tired of working through India,” he said. “Guadalajara impressed me in many ways, but it is the cultural compatibility that is going to yield the biggest wins for my business.”

Participants met dozens of key influencers in state and federal government agencies (including ProSoft which granted close to $20 million in IT and BPO vendor-directed funding last year), as well as top executives from established local players like TCS, IBM, HP and Bank of America.

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No trip to Jalisco is complete without a stopover to “Tequila Town’, where the region’s celebrated beverage was savored at a slow and easy pace one afternoon.

Nearshore Americas partnered with MexicoIT, ProMexico and the Jalisco State Government in organizing the mission. (Special thanks to those organizations for their exceptional support.)



Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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