Nearshore Americas


Nexus 2023: Debating the Next Frontier of CX Delivery

CX providers keep trying to balance attempts at offering the best value for their clients while remaining nimble and creative enough to be adaptable in the industry’s ever-changing terrain.  Though the relationship between CX vendors and the Nearshore has been… Read More »

Nexus 2023: Central America Gets Newfound Respect, Will More Investment Follow?

Central America is making taller and taller waves in the global business stage. Historically passed over in favor of more popular regions, Central America has been garnering more credibility as a source for high quality service delivery, sophisticated tech talent… Read More »

Nexus 2023: Evolution and Strategies for a Global Remote Working Model

Remote work is here to stay, but not in the ways predicted a couple years ago. As the COVID-19 pandemic fades into bitter memory, many of the changes that it brought to the labor market have had enough time either… Read More »

Nexus 2023: Are Businesses Ready for Solutions that “Think on Their Own”?

After decades of speculation in scientific journals, laboratories and science fiction yarns, it seems like AI has finally arrived. Yet, are businesses ready to harness the power of those “self-taught” and “self-thinking” solutions? To close Nexus 2023, NSAM gathered a… Read More »

Nexus 2023: Why the “Long Arm of the Law” is Relevant to Cross-Border Business

Compliance. Social responsibility. Impact sourcing. ESG. The business world seems to have grown a more concerned conscience over the past decade, resulting in global efforts to turn companies into something more benevolent than mere money-making machines. In spite of those… Read More »

Nexus 2023: The State of Generative AI in Nearshore Services

The mad race to capitalize on the potential of generative AI has been going on for months. In the Nearshore, service providers have been experimenting with the technology’s capabilities to provide value to their customers as well as to improve… Read More »

Nexus 2023 Keynote: ‘For AI, We’re All In on Day One’

Much has been said about artificial intelligence’s (AI) potential to catalyze the next “great leap forward” in humanity’s technological and productive capabilities. Yet, not enough has been discussed about what the technology could do for regions like Latin America and… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: High Expectations For Tesla’s Landing In Monterrey

It’s been a couple months since Elon Musk confirmed his plans for a Tesla mega-factory in Monterrey, but the announcement is still making waves in the Mexican city, located a couple hours away from the Texas border. Expectations are flying… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Are Wizeline’s In-Campus Offices a Winning Strategy?

Wizeline has been sending its software engineers back to school to participate in a different kind of learning. The tech services vendor recently opened a new in-premises office within the Monterrey (one of Mexico’s top tech cities) campus of Tec… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Making the Case for a ‘Knowledge Pipeline’ Across the Atlantic

A rumbling can be heard across the Atlantic.  In the midst of the so-called “permacrisis”, businesses have grown aware of the need to diversify operations. Relying on a single or even a handful of locations to support business operations proved… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: The Bumpy Road To Green Software and ESG Compliance

The road to green software is no highway; it’s long, bumpy and easy to abandon. Nevertheless, those who champion sustainable business practices see it as a necessary path to take if private enterprise is truly committed to bring positive change,… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: A Brilliant DR Native Tackles “Opaque” Procurement in Government

Government is not exempt from the wave of digital transformation sweeping the world, and tech entrepreneurs like Paola Santana have taken notice. Santana is the CEO and Co-Founder of Glass, a digital marketplace for government purchases that aims to transform… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Aftercare and Other Strategies to Keep Foreign Investors Satisfied

Promoting foreign investment requires more than getting investors to open their wallets. The process demands ongoing care, transparency and a constant flow of pertinent, useful information. NSAM had the opportunity to speak with Vanessa Gibson, Director of Investment Climate at… Read More »

Nexus 2022 Keynote: The Real World Still Matters in a Digital Landscape

Even though the world is walking deeper into its own digital creations, the fact remains: the real world is out there too, and it still holds a strong influence over its virtual counterpart. David R. Bell (international bestselling author, former… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Uruguay, the Underdog of LATAM’s Tech Ecosystem

Uruguay might be a relatively small player in a land of giants, but the country is gaining fame and momentum in Latin America’s technology landscape. Nearshore Americas had the opportunity to chat with Carlos Acle, President of Uruguay’s Tech Industry… Read More »

Roll Video: Tackling LATAM’s IT Talent Crisis

The years keep piling up, and the tech world hasn’t been able to escape the stranglehold of its talent crisis. At Nexus 2022, a group of tech executives discussed what their respective companies have been doing to tackle the issue… Read More »

Roll Video: Risk and Opportunity for Nearshore Investment

What can be said about the risk of investment in the Nearshore? Economist and tech specialist Anthony Porter spoke to NSAM at Nexus 2022 about risk and opportunity for investors in the Nearshore: from the availability of talent to the… Read More »

Roll Video: Flex Work, Digital Expansion and Global Recalculation in Nearshore CX

Things are moving fast in the CX space. With the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic apparently behind us, the world is still adapting to new, and more flexible work models, catching up with the impact of tech transformation and dealing… Read More »

Roll Video: Nearshore’s Positioning for Digital Transformation

How well are Nearshore partners positioned to propel the digital transformation of their clients? NSAM had a one-on-one at Nexus 2022 with Rajeev Gupta, Nearshore LATAM Head and Mexico Country Head at TCS, on topics such as software and language… Read More »

Roll Video: The Value of Site Location in a Shifting Landscape

As the landscape changes, site location becomes even more relevant for Nearshore operations. At Nexus 2022, a panel of experts conformed by Jeff Pappas (Managing Director at Mohr Partners), Sakshi Garg (VP at Everest Group) and Kaye Greenidge (CEO at… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: As Nowports Reaches Unicorn Status, Now What?

Nowports is a supply chain-oriented Latin American startup which only recently achieved Unicorn status. The company has found itself in the midst of a media cyclone over its fundraising success. In a context of high inflation, dovish venture capital firms,… Read More »

Roll Video: What Can Be Done to Push Back Against the Talent Crisis?

Everyone’s dealing with the IT talent crisis, but there are options available to deal with it. At Nexus 2022, Ashish Patel, Founder and CEO at Simpat Tech, shared his outlook for the IT talent landscape in the Nearshore in the… Read More »

Roll Video: Approaching the Nearshore in a Climate of Risk

These are times of high risk, and investors are understandably extra careful when approaching new territories in search of investment prospects. During Nexus 2022, Felipe Brito, Partner at CI&T, spoke openly about the challenges faced by the Nearshore and delivered… Read More »

Roll Video: Success Criteria for a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

A new generation of entrepreneurs is making its way and leaving its mark in the business ecosystem, bringing to the table fresh ideas on what being a successful company (and person) actually means. A trio of top tech executives (Andrea… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Sending Guadalajara’s Tech Elite Back to School

Guadalajara’s top tech executives are going back to school. Jalisco’s Institute of Information Technologies (known as Ijalti) launched this year a PhD program designed for the top executives in one of Mexico’s most successful and prolific tech clusters. The program… Read More »

Roll Video: Shining Brighter as a Nearshore Partner

As more eyes look to the Nearshore, potential partners in the region need to step-up their game in order to become more attractive and gain advantages over the competition, which grows fiercer every day. Peter Ryan (President and Principal Analyst… Read More »

Roll Video: Growth and Potential of Nearshore Partners

Although it’s already a source of quality partners and IT talent, the Nearshore region is still evolving. During a Q&A session at Nexus 2022, Issam Gharios (VP of Software at Highres Biosolutions) provided his thoughts on the continued development of… Read More »

Roll Video: The Role AI Will Play in CX’s Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) arrived on the scene with a promise of radical change for a wide array of industries. CX is not the exception. Speaking to NSAM during Nexus 2022, Yoni Epstein –Founder and CEO at itel– shared his views… Read More »

Roll Video: Getting the Most Out of a Cloud-Native Strategy

There’s a steady flow of businesses migrating data and processes to the cloud, while many others are being born with cloud-native strategies already adopted into their model. Nevertheless, there’s still much to do and many questions remain unanswered. What’s the… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: AI Engineers, Universities and the Tech Talent Crunch

Over the last couple years, artificial intelligence (AI) has grown more and more relevant in the agendas and the budgets of companies on the verge of digital transformation. In a recent survey done by Baker McKenzie, 43% of responding firms… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: A Look at the Post-Covid Recruitment Landscape in LatAm

Under the triple threat of higher capital expenses, the worsening of talent shortages and a looming economic downturn in the US, tech firms are getting more aggressive in their cost-cutting measures. This has turned Latin America into a preferred hunting… Read More »

Video: ITEL Launches Its Second Site in Kingston

CX provider ITEL was in high spirits in late May, when the company officially launched its second site in the Jamaican capital of Kingston just a month ahead of its 10th year anniversary celebration. The opening of the site —located… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Ego, Strategy and the Future of Recruitment

Nearshore’s tech industry is, like the rest of the globe, undergoing a period of serious pressure. A lack of talent during a glut of demand is pushing companies to dives deeper into previously uncharted waters to dredge up professionals with… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Digital Growth in Latin America Enters Year of Reckoning

Latin America and the Caribbean’s 300 million digital consumers are set to grow over 20% by 2025. The potential for the region, as digital transformation continues unabated, is huge.  But how can organizations capture that potential, and what are the… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Panama is Overlooked Far Too Often

Sandwiched between two of Nearshore’s major names in Costa Rica and Colombia, Panama does not always get the credit nor coverage it perhaps deserves. Home to one of the world’s busiest man-made waterways, Panama is a vital hub on the world… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Peter Ryan on What 2022 Holds for Nearshore (VIDEO)

As the last year drew to a close, Nearshore Americas spoke to Nearshore expert and Principal and Chief Analyst at Ryan Strategic Advisory, Peter Ryan, to hear his views on the trends that would shape market activity in 2022 and… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: The IT Positions Most In-Demand Going into 2022 (VIDEO)

Recruitment is in the spotlight globally. Issues like the ‘Great Resignation’ and the tech talent gap mean the question of worker recruitment rarely leave the headlines, but will that change moving into next year? Ariel Ayala, a Panama-based business development… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: What’s Next for the Latin Americas’ Office Real Estate Market? (VIDEO)

Is the news that the real estate market is in free fall hyperbole or should commercial landlords begin to fear for the future of their office blocks? José Ignacio González, director of marketing and research at real estate firm Cushman… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: The Changing Role of the Digital Leader

With digital technologies now being found in all areas of business operation and structure, the role of the digital leader is now fundamental to the health and competitivity of an organization. The trend towards digitalization happening in the pre-Covid world… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: What the OECD’s Global Corporate Tax Reform Means for Nearshore

Earlier this year over 130 countries signed up for a global corporate tax reform agreement, spearheaded by the OECD, aimed at forcing international organizations to pay their fair share of tax, to be set at at least 15 percent. The… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: The Rising Risks of the Hybrid Model (Video)

As the cycles of the pandemic continue to pose problems to ideas of returning to the office in the Nearshore, risk exposure is a topic on the mind of all business leaders. Linda Tuck Chapman, CEO at Third Party Risk… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Building Customer Experience in the ‘New Normal’ with Brad Cleveland (Video)

Brad Cleveland, customer service expert, consultant and author, has seen many major shifts in the customer experience industry during his 30 years’ involvement. But nothing like the last 18 months.  “I felt customer experience was important before the pandemic, but… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Why Mexico is Primed to Plug the Tech Talent Shortage

The world faces a tech talent shortage that has been exacerbated by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Last year, global recruitment company ManpowerGroup published a report that said a stunning 54% of companies worldwide face a tech shortage. Such is the… Read More »

‘People Trust in Jamaica’: Second Outsourcing Summit Shows BPO Sector Strengths

The Caribbean nation’s business process outsourcing sector is thriving, and also evolving as companies embrace digitization, panelists at the recent Outsource2Jamaica conference agreed.

Roll Video: Lessons in Successful Robotic Process Automation Implementation

Speaking at Nexus 2018, two experts from Symphony Ventures share the challenges, opportunities, and tips to help make for a successful RPA implementation.

Nexus 2018: Where is the Smart Money Going in BPO & IT Site Selection?

King White from Site Selection Group shares insightful data about key Nearshore locations in Latin America and the Caribbean, revealing where and why companies are investing in IT and BPO operations.

Roll Video: Understanding the Promise and Perils of Chatbots and AI

Speaking at Nexus 2018, four experts unpack the challenges of implementing successful, intelligent chatbots — both customer and agent-facing — as artificial intelligence plays a more significant role in driving new revenue.

Roll Video: Nexus 2018 Keynote Reveals the New Rules for Early-Stage Investing

Speaking at Nexus 2018, Jim Marshall from Silicon Valley Bank explores the evolving innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley, the impacts on the venture capital market, and the emerging platforms affecting the IT services and BPO industries.

Nexus 2018: A Different Model for Developing Software Engineers

Sylvain Kalache, Co-founder of the highly acclaimed Holberton School, details his methods for a comprehensive, co-op driven approach to the conventional notion of a coding school.

Roll Video: Guadalajara – Uniquely Powerful, But is it Tapped Out?

Guadalajara’s richness of IT talent, remarkable scalability, and unique coordination between key local agencies and stakeholders has produced the region’s top performing location, but is it sustainable?

Nexus 2018: How Uber Chooses IT Partners Amid Constant Innovation

Rahul Vijay, Global Strategic Sourcing, at Uber gives his take on how IT services companies should refine their pitch when selling into companies that are driving toward rapid innovation.

Roll Video: Technical Talent Development Strategies in an Evolving Market

Nearshore technology vendors reveal their strategies for finding fresh recruits, re-skilling existing hires, and bolstering talent pools in local communities.

New Video Series Explores The Advantages of Mexican Talent and Locations

Produced in collaboration with Intugo, these videos explore the importance of workspace design, the experience of operating in the Mexican market, and the unique business model that Intugo has been able to develop in Mexico.

Roll Video: What IT Transformation Really Looks Like

Martin Boyer, CIO and VP at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, presents his first-hand account of GTAA’s IT transformation, breaking down the vendor selection blueprint and strategies for supporting future growth.

Roll Video: The State of IT Talent in The Greater Toronto Area

Speaking at Sourcing Decisions 2018, Michael Burt from The Conference Board of Canada details the various facets of Toronto’s IT workforce, honing in on variations in the Greater Toronto Area.

Roll Video: Actionable Enterprise Automation Advice from Expert Analysts

In this panel discussion at sourcing Decisions 2018, four expert analysts serve up plenty of helpful tips on best practices for successfully implement automation within the enterprise.

Interviews and Insights From the Show Floor at Outsource2Jamaica

This collection of videos from Outsource2Jamaica highlights some of the country’s most important efforts toward becoming a higher-value BPO market, and the challenges of achieving that goal.

Roll Video: Buy-Side Clients Highlight Main Challenges of Chatbot & RPA Adoption

Speaking at Sourcing Decisions 2018, clients break down what is holding companies back from chatbot and RPA adoption, highlighting impacts that automation is having on CX.

News Reel: Mexico Making Further Strides Toward Global Industry 4.0 Leadership

During the CANIETI Annual Convention 2017, Alejandra Lagunes, Mexico’s Digital Strategy ringleader, explained how the country is on its way to becoming a global Industry 4.0 power.

News Reel: Mexico “Cannot Replace the US Market” if NAFTA is Lost

Despite the intention to diversify trade with other markets like Brazil and Argentina, negotiating with Trump is a challenging task and a “headache” for negotiators, say analysts.

News Reel: CANIETI President Announces Key Industry Objectives for 2018

During the opening ceremony of the CANIETI Annual Conference 2017, Mario de la Cruz announced near-future plans and ambitions of the IT sector in Mexico.

Roll Video: Creative Digital City Making Headway in Guadalajara

Jacobo Gonzalez provides an update on Guadalajara’s Creative Digital City project, which is pegged to start delivering services for businesses in January.

Roll Video: Plenumsoft CIO Highlights Educational Impacts on Yucatan IT Industry

Alberto Muñoz, CIO at Plenumsoft, explains how an ingrained understanding of science and mathematics is driving new value for the IT industry in Yucatan.

Roll Video: IJALTI Director on Jalisco Tech Talent Development

Eduardo Chávez, Director General at IJALTI, explains how the Mexican state of Jalisco is progressing in its efforts to fill the universal tech talent gap.

Roll Video: Guyana Business Minister on the Value of BPO Job Creation

Guyana’s Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, speaks to the country’s excitement in positioning itself for BPO investment, and the opportunity this presents to ensure the country’s population is gainfully employed.

Roll Video: Qualfon President on Why Nearshore is a Client Priority

Christina Morris from Qualfon explains why many clients are looking to diversify geographically, as well as why Nearshore is a priority.

Roll Video: GO-Invest CEO Speaks to Guyana’s Lesser-Known Strengths

Owen Verway speaks to Kirk Laughin about the lesser-known strengths of Guyana, and the activities being undertaken to further boost BPO.

Roll Video: “Simplify your Automation Proposals” – Kellogg’s GBS Vice President

Steve Rudderham, VP of GBS at The Kellogg Company, offers fresh advice to services vendors on how to approach clients with automation proposals.

Roll Video: Citizen Data Scientists Inside and Outside the Enterprise

Allison Sagraves, Chief Data Officer at M&T Bank, shows why data science is a fascinating new frontier to harness amazing insights inside and outside the enterprise.

Roll Video: Why Digital is so Critical – It’s About the Customer

In this panel discussion at Sourcing Decisions 2017, Sandy MacLeod, Chris Lord, Shannon Burch, Terry Rybolt, and Peter Ryan explore the importance of understanding customers in the digital space.

Roll Video: The Caribbean Basin’s Unique Role in Value Creation

Christine Werner, Vivion Scully, and Doug Hoffschwelle provide a current view into the opportunities presented by Canada’s economic ties with the Caribbean.

Roll Video: The Nearshore Dividend Continues Despite Uncertain Times

Michael Mocilac, Michelle Corriols, Ron Babin, and Lynda Arsenault discuss the continued payoffs of going Nearshore despite today’s uncertain climate.

Roll Video: Peter Ryan on The Geopolitical Pressures Faced by The Sourcing World

Speaking at Sourcing Decisions 2017, Peter Ryan from Ryan Strategic Advisory addresses the uncertainty with the US government’s policies on outsourcing.

Roll Video: Fireside Chat with Gabriel Woo, Vice President of Innovation at RBC

Speaking at Sourcing Decisions 2017, Gabriel Woo explores how RBC is driving its AI innovation strategy around the fast-changing fintech landscape.

Roll Video: Linda Tuck Chapman on The Era of “Intelligent Automation”

Linda Tuck Chapman, CPO at Emeritus and President of Ontala, explains why we are entering a world of “intelligent automation”, as bots help us advance cognitive and machine learning at a faster pace.

Roll Video: Telus Procurement Speaks to the Importance of Vendor Collaboration

In this video interview, Omar Alikhan, IT Procurement Manager at Telus Communications, provides some insight into the Canadian telco’s approach to external IT resources.

5 Tips for Preventing Culture Clash with External Teams

In this video infographic, we present 5 great tips for US-based Nearshore customers to prevent culture clash on both sides of their partnership.

Roll Video: IJALTI Director General on Jalisco’s Technological Magnetism

Eduardo Chávez from IJALTI explains why Jalisco and Guadalajara are attracting top talent from all over the country, and how US tech companies are beginning to see the true value of the state.

Roll Video: Ex-Director of HP on Passion and Drive of Mexico’s Young Populace

Julio Acevedo, the Director of HP Guadalajara for over 31 years, talks about the inspiring passion that Mexico’s young, tech-focused population possesses.

Roll Video: iTexico Team on The Value of Mexico’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

iTexico’s Guillermo Ortega, Co-founder & COO, and David Sandoval, Creative Delivery Manager, explain how Mexico’s focus on entrepreneurship is a strong part of the local culture.

Roll Video: Qualtop CEO on Guadalajara’s Strengths and Weaknesses for Software Development

Leonardo N’Haux explains why Guadalajara is so successful in the software development space, and what challenges the city still needs to overcome in order to attract more U.S. business.

Roll Video: Wizeline Co-Founder on Silicon Valley's Restrictions vs. Mexico's Potential

Matt Pasienski, Co-founder and Head of Growth at Wizeline, is seeing the value and potential of Mexico’s talent pool first hand since leaving Silicon Valley

Nexus 2016: The Complete Collection of Video Highlights

Nexus 2016 lived up to billing—it was all about the talent. We’ve rounded up the complete collection of Nexus videos in order to relive the important moments, or experience them for the very first time.

Roll Video: Discovering the Silicon Valley IT Corridor at Nexus 2016

Even though the United States is the biggest market on the planet, it isn’t necessarily the easiest to break in to. As such, nearshore companies, particularly those located in Mexico, need to understand the basics of approaching potential clients and… Read More »

Roll Video: Celebrating The 2016 Nexus Illuminate Award Winners

Join us in congratulating the winners of the very first Nexus Illuminate Awards, presented at the Nearshore Nexus 2016 conference in San Francisco.

Roll Video: What is Driving The Captive Explosion in Latin America?

Speaking at Nexus 2016 in San Francisco, Luis Ojeda, Deloitte’s Shared Services Leader for Latin America, breaks down the key data points of key industry trends that are driving the captive explosion in Latin America.

Roll Video: What They Don't Teach in Vendor Management School

For Southwest Airlines, not all IT suppliers are capable of living up to a set of stringent expectations.

Chinchilla: Costa Rica Wants to Export Talents, Not People

Former President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, gave a rousing speech at Nexus 2016 in San Francisco, highlighting her country’s potential to provide a reservoir of talent and innovation for US companies to draw from.

Palmieri: ‘We Are At a Historic Moment in the Americas’

Francisco Palmieri, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Caribbean and Central America at the US Department of State, highlighted the changing approach to US policy towards Latin America, emphasizing the opportunities that this change brings to the Americas as a whole.

Long-term Partnerships Key To Successful Vendor Management

The Vendor Management Vortex panel at Nearshore Nexus 2015 focused on the potential pitfalls and overlooked opportunities of the vendor-client relationship, unpacking the features of a successful vendor management strategy and how those are implemented in the nearshore.

How Should Global Businesses React to Digital Disruption?

At Nexus 2015, Avasant Partner Anupam Govil, United Nations CIO Atefeh Riazi, Hearst International VP Bernardo Chevez, and Fitch Ratings Managing Director Ranjit Prithviraj discuss the challenges and opportunities resulting from digital disruption.

Brazil: Still Formidable, Still Innovating

Stefanini’s Antonio Carlos Moreira and Rakesh Chitradurga discuss the partnership opportunities arising in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy, despite the nation’s political and social challenges.

Nearshore Success Lies in Humanizing Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be distancing, but this panel of experts from the supply and buy-sides at Nexus 2015 emphasize the importance of humanizing the process and highlight the advantage that nearshore has in terms of this.

Belatrix: ‘Nearshore Clients Have Higher Expectations Now’

Alex Robbio, the President & Co-Founder of Argentina-based software developer Belatrix, explains how clients’ demands for higher value services are driving innovation in the nearshore IT outsourcing space.

What’s Really Driving BPO Location Strategy?

Finding a low-risk environment and a sizable talent pool are two of the biggest concerns for nearshore buyers when scouting for locations, according to a panel at Nexus 2015.

Nearshore Americas Geo Sprint: Caribbean

A data-rich snapshot of the global services investment opportunity for the Caribbean.

Mexico Must Do More to Showcase its IT Capabilities

MexicoIT CEO Guillermo Gonzalez believes Mexico must change the way its workforce and capabilities are perceived abroad.

Businesses Must Help Develop Mexico’s Human Talent

Tech companies need to work more closely with Mexican universities to ensure they produce graduates with the right skills to meet their needs, agreed a panel of industry experts at the FutureSource Summit.

Mexico Must Sell Itself Better as an IT Outsourcing Destination

Mexico offers many advantages but must improve its efforts to get through to potential clients in the US, emphasized the Super Panel at the inaugural FutureSource Summit.

Mexican Government Drive to Build Human Capital Impresses MDX CIO

MDX CIO Ivan del Campo was impressed to learn of Mexico’s human talent capabilities at the FutureSource Summit.

“Mexico City Feels Like New York” says First Time Visitor

Stacy Washington from National Autocare gives her first impressions of Mexico at FutureSource Summit.

IHG Sourcing Manager Impressed by Cultural Affinity in Mexico

IHG’s Doug Castor was impressed by many Mexicans’ familiarity with American culture at the inaugural FutureSource Summit.

FinanceTech’s Take on Business Process Management

FinanceTech CEO Gustavo Pares explains how a company’s profitability depends on the efficiency of its processes.

Why Your Business Should Be Working With Mexican IT Firms

MexicoIT is a government body that works to showcase the strengths of the national IT industry and encourage foreign companies to do business with Mexican IT firms.

“Failure Defeats Losers, But it Inspires Winners”

Nearshore Delivery Solutions’ Luis Derechin discusses the crucial role of entrepreneurs in building global IT hubs at the inaugural FutureSource Summit.

How 3D Robotics Perfects the Cross-Border Collaboration Model

Tim McConnell explains how US-Mexican enterprise 3D Robotics became the world’s second biggest producer of commercial drones.

This is Why it’s Mexico’s Moment

FutureSource Summit: Kevington Advisors CEO Toby Redshaw, who was previously CIO at American Express, explains why he’s particularly bullish on Mexico.

FinanceTech’s Take on Business Process Management

FinanceTech CEO Gustavo Pares explains how a company’s profitability depends on the efficiency of its processes.

What Made ADS Global Set Up in the Caribbean?

A “conversationally-ready” population was main driver is selecting Montego Bay, says Ron Mckay of ADS Global.

From Oil and Gas to Finance and Accounting

Varun Maharaj, CEO Trinidad and Tobago IFC, explains Trinidad’s deep commitment to building capabilities in FAO.

What’s an “Extended Mobile Center of Excellence”?

Expertise in five different mobile domains sets ITexico apart says company founder and CEO, Anurag Kumar.

In Jamaica, It’s All About the Talent

Jamaica has the third largest English-speaking population in the Americas, but that’s not the only thing to look at says  JAMPRO’s Claude Duncan.

Divided We Stand?

A Nexus ’14 panel turns heated and exposes a vital question: Does the Nearshore stand together or apart?

Atento Commits to Nearshore Expansion

Atento’s Jose Luis Ramirez talks about new management, tools and standards that are helping accelerate the firm’s Nearshore presence.

At Santex, “We Love Our People”

Nexus 2014: Eduardo Coll of Santex explains the firm’s expansion into Peru and its dedication to employees.

Driving Better Visibility for Jamaica BPO

Island Outsourcer’s CEO Yoni Epstein discusses the framework and mission of a Jamaica call center advocacy association.

Mexico’s Global Ready IT Formula

Nexus ’14 panel: Adaptable contracts and targeted human capital development start to define new era of Mexico’s approach to Nearshore services.

Brazil IT Innovation Roundtable

A Nexus ’14 roundtable debates Brazil’s influence and capacities in IT and services innovation.

North America Geo Sprint

So close, and yet so close: Mexico, Canada and the United States are put under sourcing investment microscope.

“LATAM Needs to Lead the World Rather than Follow”

Vivek Wadhwa’s simple prescription for Latin America is built on need to leap into the bleeding edge of tech.

Renewing Sourcing Relationships When $80 Billion is at Stake

A Nexus panel discusses why focusing on the little things can pay big dividends in outsourcing vendor re-negotiations.

Geo Sprint: Central America

A closer look at key sourcing destinations and data related to investing in Central America.

Getting Fluent in the New Rules of LATAM Telecom

Nexus ’14: Enterprise ICT services do more than ever before, so what’s it mean for domestic and foreign enterprises?

Who Will Dominate the LATAM ITO Market?

A blockbuster CXO panel at Nexus ’14 debates a deceptively critical issue: Will small players maintain their command over outsourced services in Latin America?

Nexus Keynote: “My Advice to Latin America is to Look Forward”

At Nexus 2014, Vivek Wadhwa explains why exponential growth of disruptive technologies will create massive opportunities for Nearshore countries.

Nearshore Americas Geo Sprint: Caribbean

A data-rich snapshot of the global services investment opportunity for the Caribbean.

Global Services Geographic Sprint: South America

The editors at NSAM introduced “Geo Sprints” at Nexus ’14 – offering investment outlook data in four distinct regions of the Americas. First up: South America.

Exclusive: Simon Gauthier, Chief Information Officer for the IDB on outsourcing to Mexico

Simon Gauthier outlines the rationale for working with Tata Consultancy Services in Querétaro

Incubador de Negocios Fomenta Desarrollo de la Industria TI en Nuevo León

C-Soft apoya a más de 125 empresas en Nuevo León con varios programas innovadores, a fin de establecer a Monterrey como capital mundial de la informática.

“The Whole Thing is About Talent Management”

What makes BPO operations really hum? Michael Desalles of Frost and Sullivan points to leading models of talent management across Latin America.

The Story Behind Allied Global’s U.S. Acquisition

Coordinating sales efforts across the region was one of several organizational adjustments Allied made during its recent merger, says CEO Manuel Gordo.

The Mexico “Narrative” is Changing

A senior U.S. Consulate official dismisses concerns over violence and applauds Mexico’s business climate appeal.

The Nearshore Braces for Commoditization of Services

Risks are increasing for nearshore providers who fail to innovate and miss opportunities to contribute greater value to customers, says a group of experts at the recent Outsource2LAC (IDB) conference in Buenos Aires.

Trevino and Migoya on Software Products, User Experience and Entrepreneurism

The game-changers for Latin America IT, according to CEOs from Softtek and Globant. (Filmed during Outsource2LAC 2013).

Evolution of Nearshore BPO: The Dynamics Behind Each Wave

Bob Dechant of Qualfon reflects on the key turning points in Nearshore’s emergence over the last 20 years.

The State of LATAM Contact Centers: Outlook on 2014

Rising geographies, new technologies and market competitiveness are high on the watchlist of Frost and Sullivan analyst Juan Gonzalez.

For Global IT and BPO Customers, Captives are No Longer the Choice Option

Customers are keeping high value, engineering and R&D services in-house, while other tasks are deemed better for outsourcing, says Eric Simonson, managing partner at Everest Research.

Walking the floor: Qualfon in Guyana

With some of the longest agent tenure in the region, Qualfon’s Georgetown, Guyana operations are emblematic of a country starting to make a bigger name for itself in BPO.

Mexico Minister: Economic Ascendance is Not Accidental

Mexico’s Minister of Economy on free trade, TPP, regional economic cooperation and fighting organized crime.

Thoughtworks NYC: Open to the Public

For Thoughtworkers, social impact includes thinking differently about use of company meeting space.

Where is the Discussion about Education Among Pacific Alliance Nations?

For long-term global competitiveness, countries in the region should be investing in education, says Rudy Ganna, Laurus International CEO.

Guyana’s President Calls on North America to Pay Closer Attention

Most economies sank during the Great Depression, but Guyana’s did not. Why?

President Santos on the Purpose of the Pacific Alliance

The economic tigers of Latin America: Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Chile see strength through cooperation.

Everybody’s Talking About Mexico

Carefully cultivated over the last decade, the “Mexico brand” is moving to a new stage of maturity, says MexicoIT’s Alfredo Pacheco

When the Pendulum Swings Back

Kevin Parikh of Avasant on the redistribution of global services work, and the business imperatives driving new geographies.

Guatemala: Epicenter for Finance and Accounting

Christian Celis of Capgemini explains how Guatemala has positioned itself for FAO support.

Afinidad y Entendimiento para Cliente y Consumidor

Javier Chamorro de Pro-Nicaragua explica el potencial de Centroamérica como destino nearshore para firmas norteamericanas buscando invertir en la región.

The Leading Edge of Fraud Prevention in the Call Center

Passwords are so old school. Find out how Laurus is applying smarter security tools.

Jamaica’s BPO Fast Track

With over 14,000 professionals in outsourcing, Jamaica accelerates its outsourcing game plan.

Latin America and India are Complimentary

Ankur Prakash of Tata Consultancy LatAm explains how Latin America and India, joined together, form the functional foundation of a true global delivery strategy.

What is Atento’s Positioning in the U.S.?

Atento is seizing a demographic trend that is confounding to other providers.

Barranquilla’s International Blend

What makes this coastal Colombian city different than all the rest? Karina Azar of ProBarranquilla gives some clues.

Guatemala Sigue Creciendo

Cristian Cellis de Capgemini, conversa sobre su experiencia y planes de crecimiento en Guatemala. En tan sólo cinco años crecieron de 70 a 900 empleados, sirviendo tanto al mercado de Estados Unidos como de Sur América. Asegura que aún hay… Read More »

When the Pendulum Swings Back

Kevin Parikh of Avasant discusses the business imperatives that drive decisions source domestically or internationally.

Why Mobile is a Blessing for Nearshore

Collaboration and creativity form the bedrock of cross-Americas software product development, say two senior Belatrix executives.

Rolling Thunder: Teleperformance in Guadalajara

Ricardo Urroz explains the positioning of TP Guadulajara, at the crossroads of the ‘customer experience’, demand for bilingual talent and the Nearshore explosion.

Belize Goes the “Extra Mile”

What’s wrong with working and playing in paradise? That’s what Beverly Burke of Beltraide asks investors to think about.

Brazil Delivers for Johnson and Johnson

A case study on J and J reveals the unusually valuable combination of UI, creativity, process strengths and innovation coming from teams in Brazil.

ProMexico’s View on North America’s Fastest Growing Economy

Mexico’s economic picture has never looked brighter. ProMexico’s Mildred Ruiz offer insight on how and where to invest.

What Nearshoring Means for the Individual Worker

Mike Barrett, CEO at Unosquare, delivers an alternative perspective on the impact of LATAM outsourcing

The Rationale for Outsourcing to Mexico

A close look at the economics and drivers of Nearshoring to Mexico, with Tom Taylor or Neoris and Alfredo Pacheco of Mexico IT

“The Desire is There”

The Human Capital component of Nearshoring from the view of an investor, entrepreneur, international banker and business chamber leader.

How Do Nearshore Markets and Vendors Rate?

Executives from Humana, Riverwood Capital, Pace Harmon and AT Kearney debate the maturity of LATAM for BPO and shared services.

“Outsourcing Makes a Tremendous Amount of Sense”

A top New York Times columnist says the U.S. needs to adapt to outsourcing instead of denying it exists.

How BPO is Influencing the Investment Boom in LATAM

Patrick McGinnis of Dirigo Advisors explains why he’s bullish on LATAM startups, and why  macro-economics are such a big factor.

Nearshore Nexus 2013: The Right Hemisphere at the Right Time

Can Latin America help my business become faster, smarter and more competitive? REGISTER HERE

The Minister Interviews the Journalist

On a visit to Antigua, the Minster of State Dr. Edmond Monsoor (and Minister of IT) turns the tables on NSAM’s Kirk Laughlin, and includes one surprising request.

Video Site Visit: Laurus International in Santo Domingo

A Caribbean call center operator sets a high standard for performance through enriching its employees and establishing one of the most progressive offshore tech centers anywhere.

Panel: What Cloud Will Do to the LATAM Outsource Model

Excerpts from a Outsource2LAC “Outsourcing in the Cloud” panel featuring Brad DeMent of Scott Madden and Andrés Rozo of IBM. (In Spanish and English)

What Is the IT Sourcing Potential of the Dominican Republic?

On the ground in Santo Domingo with Intellisys CEO and Founder Chris Corcino

How is the Brazil IT Brand Performing?

Apex-Brazil’s Igor Brandao explains the agency’s game plan to accelerate Brazil’s success in global ICT services.

The Next Wave of Outsourcers: SMBs

Anupam Govil of Avasant sees nimble small-to-medium businesses increasingly seeking Nearshore opportunities.

The Tigers of Nearshore: Central America Markets Who Have the “Will to Win”

Peter Ryan of Ovum points to four nations that are rising starts in outsourcing investment. Who are they and what’s their secret?

How Do LATAM Software Builders Stack Up Against Eastern Europe’s?

An established software creator looks to expand in the region, but is concerned about a few key shortcomings.

“Impact Sourcing”: A Smarter Way to Involve Women and Youth in Global Services

Samasource hires thousands of workers in economically troubled countries. Founder Leila Janah talks about her vision and how it works.

Is Brazil Headed for Higher Attrition and Increased Pricing?

Atul Vashistha of Neo Group sees more multinationals arriving into Brazil, thus triggering greater competition for talent.

How are Big Enterprises Evaluating the Cloud Option?

Rogerio Oliveira, chairman of Brazil’s Resource, says the speed and agility of cloud services are proving to outperform the traditional IT department.

A Brazil CIO’s Disciplined Flight Plan

Embraer CIO Alexandre Baulé talks about how IT is a ‘provider of know-how’ for internal customers.

Brasscom’s Antonio Gil: Candid Talk on Unleashing Brazil’s IT Engine

“If you want to know what the world will look like in 50 years, come to Brazil” – says Antonio Gil, President of Brasscom at the recent Global IT Forum in Sao Paulo.

How Competitive is Uruguay for Nearshore Services?

A top exec at Uruguay XXI points to some surprising strengths of this Southern Cone nation.

What is the Inter-America Development Bank Doing About BPO Labor in Latin America?

Fabrizio Opertti of the IDB talks about the serious effort the bank is placing on finishing schools and other tools to grow IT/BPO talent.

A Walking Tour of a BPO Operation in Medellin, Colombia

Fast growing BPO provider – Enlace Operativo – opens its doors to Nearshore Americas.

Getting Nearshore to Higher Ground: The Nexus Story

One of the hottest conference brands in the global outsourcing industry – Nearshore Nexus combines passion and purpose into one, high-powered package.

Medellin Scores “Big Win” for Big Data Agency

Yuxi Pacific’s landing in Medellin made total sense, after tasting China and testing other parts of Latin America.

Neoris: Driving SAP Leadership

A detailed look at the strategic focus of Neoris (Sponsored video)

Why is Pharma Outsourcing on Fire?

Patrick Cogny of Genpact explains the reason global pharmaceutical are grasping for global outsourcing partners.

Why Has IT Lost So Much Credibility Inside the Enterprise?

IT has to make itself more relevant or risk allowing  ‘shadow IT” to drive the needs of business, says Alex Camino of Softtek

Special Report: The State of Shared Services in Latin America

What are the winning locations for captives in LatAm and which operators are ready to sell? Rodrigo Slelatt of AT Kearney gives comprehensive update on current market drivers.

A Closer Look at Capgemini’s Guatemala Operation

Young professionals explain why ethics and innovation are key motivators.

What’s the Secret to CINDE’s Success?

CINDE sets a high standard for investment promotion. Pilar Madrigal explains the group’s formula.

Serial Entrepreneur Barreto on Guadalajara’s Global Vision

The Founder of Onswipe and other startups points to why GDL is doing it right.

The Mobile User Experience: Know Your Audience (Part Two)

Ci&T’s head of mobile strategy talks about how to deal with the many flavors of mobile app development.

The Mobile User Experience: One Chance to Get it Right (Part One)

Ci&T’s head of mobile strategy on the huge difference between mobile and web applications

Why is HP Ramping Up in Latin America?

Julio Acevedo, head of HP Guadalajara explains the types of services coming from the Nearshore.

Brazil vs. India: It’s a Whole Different Ballgame

Benjamin Quadros, CEO of BRQ, on why the desire to do business in Brazil differs from India.

¿Por qué los negocios globales eligen Costa Rica?

Pilar Madrigal de CINDE explica por qué la planificación a largo plazo es fundamental en la promoción de inversiones

Nearshore Nexus 2012: Bigger, Bolder and Coming to Broadway

The most exclusive outsourcing event of the year comes to New York City, April 19. Buy-side executives (including vendor management, IT, BPO, site selection and software leaders) are invited to attend.

What is the Real Value of Brazil IT?

Brazil’s value proposition is becoming clearer, now it’s time to get the message across, consistently – Atul Vashistha at Neo Group.

Why Brazil’s ‘Jeito’ has Value in the Workplace

Hire people with big ideas and awareness of the world today, says Patricia Florissi, CTO of EMC’s Software Resource Group

A Brief History of the CIO’s Role in Outsourcing

Rogerio Oliveira, former president of IBM Latin America, talks about the evolution of the IT vendor relationship – and how the CIO has become far more influential within the executive boardroom.

Ray Wang on the Consumerization of IT

Nearshore is a place for partnerships, driving innovation and intelligence that fits well with the consumerization trend, says analyst Ray Wang, of Constellation Research

The Software Factory Model Doesn’t Work Anymore

Cesar Gon at CiandT: For Brazil to produce value in global IT – it must embrace the future, not the past.

Why Did Dell Services Set Up in Guadalajara?

Enrique Cortes on the right moves and ‘near fatal’ mistakes Perot Systems (now Dell) made in Mexico.

Quality, Crime and Economics: Mexico, Brazil and Colombia

Top industry advisor Tony Mataya talks about inflation, service quality and why we’re still in the early days of industry evolution.

The Rules According to Rudderham

Capgemini’s Steve Rudderham on why media has to be more proactive telling the real Latin America story.

Mexico’s Competitiveness Built on Strong Tech Policy

Claudia-Ivette Garcia, Mexico’s Ministry of Economy: Foreign investment continues to expand, especially in BPO

Turning to Brazil for Managing Private Clouds

CPM Braxis (part of Capgemini) co-founder David Shpilberg explains why more customers are asking for strategic support managing cloud environments.

IBM Mexico’s Role as “Hinge” for Complex Global Services

The head of the IBM campus in Guadalajara sees increasing sophistication and sourcing mastery emerging from the region.

Guadalajara’s Tech Generation

Tec De Monterrey students have some big ideas. Look out.

In Sourcing, Culture is Everything

Noted sourcing authority Jane Siegel breaks down the culture question – and its deep implications for the nearshore.

Why Brazil? ThoughtWorks Sees Lots of Reasons

The Agile heritage of ThoughtWorks is a good fit with open source skills of Brazil dev pros, says Matt Simons

Adapting to a Lean Approach: Ci&T’s Story

Productivity, quality and client satisfaction climb higher as a result of using lean principles, says Leo Mattiazzi, VP, International Business at Ci&T.

Former Harris Interactive CIO Talks About His Entry into Nearshoring

Enzo Micali (who recently left Harris Interactive) explains what has drawn him to Latin America

Understanding the Mission of TCS in Latin America as Part of Global Delivery

An interview with Vice President and COO, TCS Latin America, Ankur Prakash

Johnson and Johnson: Fully Engaged in Latin America

Julia Santos, Head of Worldwide Strategic Outsourcing, has a lot to say about staying ‘close’ to Latin America and getting a grip on what’s really going on – especially in education.

Mexico’s Massive Image Gap: College Students Say Americans Have it All Wrong

Students at a Guadalajara university discuss how the image of Mexico, perceived through the lens of popular US culture, is widely different from what the country is really all about.

Ci&T Founder and CEO: Cesar Gon

Ci&T, a Brazilian software and services provider, sees equivalent growth in Brazil and the U.S., but points to Japan as the market with the strongest performance.

What If My Enterprise is Reluctant to Outsource?

“This is not just about cutting costs. You are looking at partners who can expand your capabilities,” says Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research during his recent presentation at Nearshore Nexus 2011. Wang challenges CIO and IT leaders to take… Read More »

Come Together Right Now: LatAm Needs Cross-Region Cooperation

Santiago Pinzon, head of the Chamber of IT and BPO Companies in Colombia (ANDI), shares his vision on the need for presenting LatAm as a ‘cluster’ of countries – that collectively can stand up to sell against other regions in… Read More »

Where Did the Term “Nearshore” Come From Anyway?

Beni Lopez, Softtek’s Chief Globalization Officer, recounts how Softtek positioned itself against far flung competitors – and he also talks about the real cost of outsourced services.

How often should you visit your Nearshore provider?

John Parkinson, global sourcing chief at Axis Capital, talks (at Nearshore Nexus 2011) about the importance of meeting your sourcing partners – face to face.

Argentina Tech Minister Talks About a Secret He’s Not Proud Of

Lino Barañao, Argentina’s Minister of Science and Technology, explains why wine and IT have a lot in common in a country which requires 7,000 new tech grad every year to meet demand.

Answering the Rising Demand for Native Spanish Support

A fast-growing Latino population in the US is driving firms like CallFasst to expand services offerings and deliver  a growing requirement – native Spanish language support. (Video sponsored by CallFasst.)

Nearshore Nexus Video Loop

Nearshore Americas brings together the smartest minds in IT and BPO for the premiere of Nearshore Nexus.

Why is Guadalajara Such a Magnet for Global Tech Firms?

Margarita Solis, executive director of Jalisco, Mexico’s  IJALTI, explains how Guadalajara attracted an A-list of global services players – in a matter of just a few years.

Where Does Latin America Fit into the Global Delivery Model?

Anand Ramesh, of Everest Research, talks about Latin America’s sourcing maturity and where buyers are going next.

Why Nearshore Agile Development Keeps Expanding

Nearshore agile development is no fly by night phenomenon,  explains Leonardo Mattiazzi, VP, International Business at CI&T.

The Nearshore Community is Not Vocal Enough

Enrique Cortes, Executive Director of Dell Services LatAm, stresses that the time has come for Latin Americans to realize their “awesome” abilities – and resist the impulse for modesty which diminishes opportunities to expand awareness about Latin America.

Ecuador Aims to Double Size of IT Services Sector

What special sauce is brewing in Ecuador’s BPO services? Karina Amaluisa, trade commissioner for the Ecuador Government explains.

The Coming M&A Wave: Tier Two ITO Firms to Get Swallowed in 2011

What makes 2011 so different than previous years in terms of the potential for major acquisitions? Everest Group’s Ross Tisnovsky, VP of Research explains why.

The New Colombia + Zemoga = Digital El Niño

DJ Edgerton, co-founder and CEO of Zemoga, talks about the innovative fire coming out of Bogota.

Why Do So Many Outsourcing Deals Fail to Meet Expectations?

Since the vast majority of outsourcing relationships fail to live up to what clients hope for, we checked in with Chris Nuttall, of PA Consulting, to explain the disconnect.

Is IT Offshoring Expanding or Shrinking?

One the most respected voices on IT trends in the U.S. is Dr. Jerry Luftman, distinguished professor at Stevens Institute of Technology. Here’s what the professor has to say about the state of IT offshoring/nearshoring.

Nearshore Country Branding Starts with Building Relations in the U.S.

“Tell us what is unique about your country,” advises Jon Stamell, CEO of FutureShiftNow, in talking about the need for more strategic country branding among Nearshore countries.

Fueling ICT Sector is “Number One” Priority for Jamaica

Sancia Bennett-Templer, president of  expects stronger growth in the Jamaica ICT sector as more Jamaicans view it as a viable career path.

Are Jamaicans Tech Savvy?

Kirk Laughlin goes to the streets of Kingston to learn more about the appetite Jamaica has for technology.

Site Visit: Inside the Fastest Growing Call Center in Jamaica

Minacs Global Gateway Solutions in Montego Bay is expanding at a furious pace. What’s their secret?

Scenes from Montego Bay

Let’s face it – Nearshore outsourcing does have its benefits. Just take a look at the scenery we found during our recent visit to Montego Bay.

A Montego Bay Family Plantation Becomes A Window into a New Jamaica

Mark Kerr-Jarrett’s family has played an integral part in the development of Montego Bay, Jamaica for over 300 years – first in the operation of a major sugar plantation and now with “Barnett Tech Park” – aimed at becoming the… Read More »

Central America Needs a Strong and Unified Voice

How is Central America going to compete on the global outsourcing stage with Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe or rising China? PRONicaragua is teaming up with several country promotion groups to build a united front. Javier Chamorro, Executive Director of PRONicaragua,… Read More »

What’s Inside the Executive Buyers Guide to Nearshore Outsourcing

Chris Nuttall, of PA Consulting explains the basis for the “Executive Buyers Guide to Nearshore Outsourcing,” which he co-authored with the editorial team at Nearshore Americas. The eight-page white paper provides essential guidance for customers of Nearshore services – the… Read More »

BPO’s Impact on Building a Middle Class in Developing Countries

Stability matters: Javier Chamorro Executive Director of PRONicaragua explains why foreign investment into BPO and call centers transforms the economic environment of emerging countries and reduces poverty.

The Brazilian IT Services Showdown: Who Will Prevail?

Rio de Janeiro: Will domestic Brazilian IT firms, multinational giants or new entrants from India claim leadership in the fast growing IT services market? David Tapper, IDC’s top outsourcing analyst, tells who he’s betting on. (Filmed during Brasscom Global IT… Read More »

Business Exchange at the Heart of Costa Rica Investment

Francisco Gamboa of Costa Rica’s PROCOMER explains the importance of bringing investors into Costa Rica.

Un punto de vista de expertos sobre “Cloud computing” y la subcontratación

PROCOMER IT ALLIANCE, COSTA RICA: Avelino Miguelez de Grupo Cesa muestra cómo “cloud computing” cambiará para siempre la industria del outsourcing global.

What Costa Rica Has Going in It’s Favor

PROCOMER IT ALLIANCE, SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA: Jeevan Zutshi, founder of the broker organization Kosha Group,talks about the potential of Costa Rica from the perspective of potential investors.

What’s the Difference Between Delivering IT Services from India vs. Brazil?

CPM Braxis Co-Founder David Shpilberg identifies the drivers that led to the creation of CPM Braxis – and why Brazil is exceptionally well-positioned to provide high value IT services to U.S. customers.

Atul Vashistha: How Does Brazil Rank in Attracting Investment?

Strength of the existing domestic outsourcing in Brazil is an important indicator of  future offshoring potential – but the government must continue to make lasting commitments to building better incentives, says Atul Vashistha, Founder and Chairman, Neo Advisory

Chinchilla Calls for Less Red Tape and More Technical Talent

Exclusive: The new President of Costa Rica plans to accelerate foreign investment into tech-driven global services and wants to get rid of barriers that inhibit capital inflows.

Stream CEO Sets a New Course

Scott Murray, CEO of Steam Global Services, has big plans for the company he resumed control over a few years ago.

Servicing Coca Cola Enterprises and International Paper

Capgemini’s Robbie Brillhart identifies the most important components of service delivery – for some of the biggest brands in the Americas.

When Free Market Ideals Transform Latin America Nations

“Ideas have consequences” says Giancarlo Ibárgüen, Executive President of Francisco Marroquín University, who sat down with us to talk about the necessary ingredients to stimulate free market competition – especially in Latin America.

Guatemala Has a Good Answer When Stability Questions Arise

Judge Guatemala by what you see walking down the street, says Rolando Yon, CFO at Capgemini Guatemala.

Brazil Outsourcing: Brasscom Targets Reducing Cost for Outsourcers

Brazil, the eighth largest IT market in the world, has “incredible capabilities”  that are different enough to draw some contrasts with India, says Sergio Pessoa,  Brasscom’s Director of Marketing and International Markets.

Guatemala Trade Official: Training is Crucial for BPO Growth

Carlos Amador, president of AgExport in Guatemala, talks candidly about how the country needs to cultivate the right environment for the outsourcing sector to maintain its blistering growth.

Tim Searcy of ATA: Nearshore Players Have Opportunity to Become Leaders Instead of Followers

The Nearshore outsourcing industry needs to stand up and become market leaders instead of “market followers” says Tim Searcy, CEO of the ATA, during this interview at the ATA’s Annual Washington D.C. Summit. Searcy says Nearshore BPO and Contact Center… Read More »

BPO’s Impact on the Nearshore Middle Class and the Flaws of U.S. Protectionism

Robbie Brillhart, vice president of BPO at Capgemini, talks about the major influence sourcing partners like Capgemini have on economic stability in emerging economies and the problem with U.S.-driven protectionism.

Site Study: Allied Contact Center and BPO

Driven by quality assurance, thorough agent training and client responsiveness, Allied Contact Center in Guatemala City defines its mission around not just providing services, but forging partnerships with customers.

Guatemala City Executive Video Forum

Guatemala-based BPO industry experts – from Transactel, 24/7 Customer and Invest in Guatemala – talk about the driving force behind the country’s emergence as an outsourcing destination.

The Number One Reason Why U.S. Companies Don’t Do Nearshoring

What do nearshore outsourcing providers need to do better? Kirk Laughlin from Nearshore Americas explains.

Site Study: Capgemini in Guatemala City

Capgemini’s Guatemala City facility has become a great example of the ability of a Nearshore provider to tap an increasingly sophisticated talent pool and apply those resources to – in this case – KPO, BPO and finance and accounting functions.

Interview: Peter Ryan, BPO Analyst at Datamonitor

FROM THE SHOW FLOOR OF CONTACT CENTER FORUM, IN MEXICO CITY: What questions should American outsourcing customers ask when they show up on the streets of a Nearshore country? Peter Ryan has the answers.

How Much has the Coup Hurt Honduras?

Is now the time for investors to take a real look at setting up BPO operations in Honduras? Foreign Minister Mario Canahuati explains why things have changed for the better since last year’s coup.