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Automation of Software Testing Can Speed Up Delivery: Report

Software developers can speed up the delivery of their product if they automate the process of software testing, according to market research firm Forrester, highlighting the fact that manual testing is fraught with numerous hurdles.

“Firms that rely on manual testing are more than twice as likely to report that testing is a bottleneck, compared to those that don’t,” according to the report, which was drawn up after surveying more than 600 software developers across the globe.

However, the report warns that automation can jeopardize quality and increase the risk of losing customers if not managed properly. Many respondents to the survey admitted that they have gaps in their ability to asses and manage business risks during testing.

Adopting the best practices of both agile and devOps, two well-known software development methodologies, can lead them to success, say researchers.

Many developers believe that repeated testing slows down their process and forces them to miss product delivery deadlines. However, the research firm says continuous testing is “a way to gain speed and efficiency rather than a bottleneck” to delivering faster.

When it comes to software development, adopting a better testing practice is as important as employing highly skilled engineers, the report states.

“In the vast majority of Global 2000 organizations, software testing is still dominated by yesterday’s tools and outdated processes — which simply don’t meet the needs of today’s accelerated and highly dynamic development processes,” writes Wayne Ariola of Tricentis, an automated software testing company that sponsored the study, in an article posted on

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