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Belatrix to Triple the Size of its Workforce

Belatrix Software has unveiled a new building for software development in Argentinean capital Buenos Aires, as the Latin American technology firm presses ahead with its plan to triple the size of its workforce from its current 400 employees.
The Buenos Aires facility is Belatrix Software’s third development center after its headquarters in Mendoza, in western Argentina, where it has more than 200 employees, and its second center in Lima, Peru, where it has a staff in excess of 100.
Buenos Aires is home to at least 15 universities with IT- or software-related programs, and Belatrix is hoping to cash in on this growing supply of technology talent.
“Growing in three different locations ensures we can keep up with, and surpass, the excellence our clients are used to, since we can access the biggest talent pools of Latin America,” said Luis Robbio, co-founder and CEO of Belatrix Software.
Among those present at the inauguration ceremony was Carlos Pallotti, undersecretary of technology services and products for Argentina’s Ministry of Production. During his recent trip to the United States, Pallotti announced a new program designed to create thousands of jobs in the country’s information technology sector.
Nearly two years ago, Belatrix bought out Waragon, a local recruitment company specialized in the IT industry, specifically to hunt for the best tech talent in the city.
Like its other delivery centers, the Buenos Aires facility will be dedicated to software development and testing. About 95% of Belatrix’s clients are from Canada, the United Kingdom and especially the United States, while the rest are based in other parts of Europe and a few are in South America.
As well as these delivery centers, Belatrix has corporate offices in New York, Silicon Valley and Naples, Florida.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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