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Brazilian Government Launches Scholarship Program to Promote Tech, Science, Innovation

Source: Neso Brazil

The Brazilian Government is starting a program of scholarships to promote the consolidation and expansion of science, technology and innovation in Brazil “through international exchange and mobility.” The main goals of the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program at CNPq/MCT are:

– Create a collaborative association encompassing the training of Brazilian students and scientists abroad, with reciprocal opening of opportunities at institutions in Brazil.

– Create a collaborative Scientific Fellowship Program for allowing scientists from abroad to join a Brazilian group of excellence (e.g., Brazilian National Institutes for Science and Technology – INCTs) or Brazilian Senior Scientists to stay at foreign institutions within the context of a scientific project.

Such collaborative agreement would have then two components: Undergraduate, Doctoral or Post-Doctoral fellowships for Brazilian students and investigators at foreign institutions; and Collaborative Senior Fellowships.

CNPq will actively engage in agreements with the best technological and scientific institutions around the World and Brazilian institutions are alsostimulated to seek international collaborations with counterparts abroad. Proposals may not be limited to the forms described here and we welcome creative new approaches to the same goals.

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About CNPq: Brazilian National Scientific and Technological Research Council

CNPq operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT). It has an elaborate system to support Science and Technology (S&T) focused on scientific and technological research and education.

CNPq grants scholarships to the training of professionals in all fields of scientific and technological research, both in Brazil and abroad. It also funds research projects either directly or in partnership with State Funding Agencies. CNPq selects proposals for grants for projects that aim to contribute significantly to the scientific and technological development and innovation in the country. The research proposal must be clearly characterized as scientific or technological innovation.

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The bilateral cooperation agreements, maintained by the CNPq, support the mobility of researchers within the framework of joint research projects, development and innovation, in preferred areas, agreed with foreign funding institutions.


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