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Caribbean Private Islands in High Demand, As Billionaires Look to Hide Away From COVID-19

Demand for private islands in the Caribbean is growing like never before, with billionaires around the world launching a desperate hunt for safe havens where they can relax peacefully without the fear of contracting COVID-19.

Some countries in the Caribbean have closed their borders in response to the outbreak of the pandemic. But that is not a problem, considering a report from The Financial Times.

Some wealthy persons are in such a hurry that they are ready to purchase islands without seeing them in person. Farhad Vladi, founder of the real estate firm Vladi Private Islands, told the British daily that some of his clients had recently bought islands by just looking at them in pictures.

The islands that have airports in close proximity and least ravaged by COVID-19 are high in demand.

Inquiries for private islands for sale in the Caribbean quadrupled soon after the pandemic invaded the globe, according to The Telegraph. The rich are scared of being stranded in cities because of the disease that cannot be cured by any medicine, say analysts.

Not just the tropical islands of the Caribbean seem to be of interest, private islands in remote corners of Canada and the United States are also drawing a lot of buyers.

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An unknown buyer recently purchased Horse Island, an island off the coast of Ireland, without setting his foot on the property, according to the BBC.

The broadcaster also spoke with Farhad Vladi, who said: “as the owner of your own island, you are in control of the territory and there is little risk of the virus reaching the island. That seems to be the reason behind the new demand for such islands.”

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