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Dominican Republic Tells Chile Miners: Come Visit Us – All Expenses Paid

SOURCE: Dominican Today

SANTIAGO.- The Government of the Dominican Republic has offered the 33 miners rescued in Chile all expenses paid vacations in the Caribbean country’s numerous resorts, the Dominican embassy in Santiago said in a statement.

It called the invitation for the workers who spent 70 days 700 meters beneath the earth’s surface “a recognition of and affection for these men with proven bravery.

“Dominican Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia has the honor of formally invites the 33 miners and their respective families to enjoy all expenses paid vacations in our country,” the embassy said.

The document also congratulates Chilean President Sebastián Piñera for the successful rescue operation. “The Government of the Dominican Republic shares their joy and those of their relatives, and also wishes to communicate that all Dominicans have followed this drama day after day and which today has a happy ending.”

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