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Cognizant Acquires Dutch Digital Marketing Firm Mirabeau

Cognizant has snapped up yet another digital services firm, Amsterdam-based Mirabeau, as the IT outsourcing giant continues to diversify from its traditional IT infrastructure services into digital transformation services.
With about 260 digital experts, Mirabeau provides digital marketing services, and its clients include KLM, ING, Air France, Maxeda, MoneYou, and Transavia.
According to Cognizant’s press release, most of Mirabeau’s clients are in sectors such as travel & hospitality, financial services, and retail. Once the deal is closed, all its employees will join Cognizant’s Digital Business practice.
“Companies in consumer-facing sectors are increasing their investments in interactive solutions to provide better, more personalized experiences to their customers,” said Santosh Thomas, a senior executive of Cognizant, explaining the reason behind the acquisition.
Cognizant is increasingly shifting towards disruptive digital technology, focusing mainly on cloud computing, data analytics, and automation. Reports say digital revenue is rising.
According to research from Everest Group and DeepDive Equity Research, cloud and digital-services revenue has grown by an average 22% at the 20 largest publicly traded IT-services providers, including Cognizant, over the past 12 months.
In recent months, Cognizant has made a string of acquisitions aimed at boosting its digital services portfolio, such as Norwegian IT-services firm Frontica Business Solutions and Idea Couture of Canada.
Mirabeau designs, builds and manages online platforms, helping clients to boost revenue by improving digital customer experience. “The most successful companies are the ones that combine marketing, operations, and technology to drive comprehensive digital transformation,” said Adjan Kodde, CEO at Mirabeau.
Although headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, Cognizant was founded by Kenya-born Indian businessman Francisco D’Souza. A majority of its employees are working at its delivery centers spread across India.

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