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Photo Essay: Mexico City’s Condesa is Not Just About the Charm

Mexico City, like many great cities, is not easy to capture in a few words. Dig deeply into this city and you find enormous variety, richly authentic neighborhoods – and perhaps more than anything – you discover a level of sophistication that frequently surprises the out-of-town visitor from the United States.

On one hand, Condesa is a thriving artistic district that caters to a young crowd of businesspeople, artists, students and intellectuals. At that same time, especially touring the neighborhood in the morning hours, you sense a quiet, unfettered elegance. It is this unique characteristic that puts Condesa in the same peer group as the gorgeously aging neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and the never-say-sleep vibe of Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Although a largely residential neighborhood, it is now full of art galleries, designer shops, high-end boutiques and luxury hotels, plus an array of fashionable cafes, restaurants and bars where many well dressed locals can be seen relaxing over a coffee, craft beer or cocktail.

Situated on the western edge of the city center, Condesa is only a short walk from the vast Chapultepec Park and the bohemian Roma neighborhood. Intersected by wide, tree-lined avenues and leafy plazas, it is one of the greenest areas in the city. It is also one of the safest places in Mexico City, meaning you can walk or cycle everywhere at ease.

This is the first of many “photo essays’ we will be publishing in the months to come at Nearshore Americas.  Enjoy and feel free to suggest the next city we should feature!

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(Special thanks to our friend and regular Nearshore Americas photographer and video-man, Alejandro Erreguin, for these great images!)

Duncan Tucker


  • This is where I first fell in love with Mexico City.. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful areas in DF. The city itself has a wonderous charm. This Colonia, La Condesa, has such charm for all ages!

  • Condesa is one of the most charming neighbourhoods in Mexico City, but there are others. For example: try San Angel, especially on a Saturday, around the Plaza de San Jacinto. Or .. try Coyoacán. Or for an edgier, more up-and-coming experience try Santa Maria la Ribera, around the Kiosko Morisco. Other cities also have charming neighbourhoods: in my hometown of Guadalajara my favourite is Colonia Americana / Lafayette around Ave. de la Paz. Or try Chapalita around Glorieta Chapalita. Lots of character and local businesses in any of those neighbourhoods.