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Delta Airlines Pulls the Plug on Montego Bay


Delta Cargo will bring back work from a contract call center in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where customers can call to inquire about shipments of animals, CEO Richard Anderson said Thursday, on a recorded message for employees.

“One of the ways to mitigate the impact of the recession is to insource work,” Anderson said. “It provides job protection and it is consistent with what the administration wants companies to do in the U.S. today, which is to bring back work from overseas and do our best to increase employment.”

Forty contract employees had been taking Delta’s animal-transport related calls at the MBJ call center in Montego Bay, but cross-training will enable employees in Atlanta and Minneapolis to handle the work, Delta said.

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Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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