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FiberCorp Launches SMB Internet Services in Argentina

Source: Connected Planet

FiberCorp, the corporate business unit of Cablevisión S.A., has chosen Cisco technology to offer a new Internet service to its small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers, improving the strategic role of the network for these companies.

The new technical infrastructure includes Cisco Integrated Services Routers connected directly to the hybrid fiber coaxial network of Cablevision, with the possibility of integrating multiple services in a Cisco Borderless Network Architecture.

The solution also uses DOCSIS cable technology, from hub to customers, which allows a similar bandwidth to the one offered via optic fiber, without the need of a fiber deployment.

This implementation offers customers a symmetrical bandwidth — unlike cable’s traditional asymetrical broadband access — where the available upstream bandwidth is (from the residence to the operator’s hub) less than the downstream bandwidth.

* The solution consists of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture, which includes Cisco Integrated Services Routers and DOCSIS technology.

* The Cisco solution allows FiberCorp to offer Internet access, telephony, video, virtual private networks, security solutions and services virtualization over unique customer-premises equipment for the corporate segment.

* The first- and second-generation Cisco Integrated Services Routers allow the operator to decrease operating costs by unifying access and additional services in one piece of equipment and to offer a differentiated service as well. In addition, the solution is easy and fast to implement, facilitating the final customer’s business.

* The FiberCorp’s Symmetrical Access service, mounted over an HFC (hybrid fiber coaxial) network, is based on the last mile over coaxial cable and is delivered with Cisco equipment as the network gateway.

* The access is symmetrical: That is, it has the same bandwidth for uploading and downloading Internet data and it has an assured annual availability.

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* The service has technical advantages like low latency, fewer network hops, and a low packet-loss rate from being integrated over the FiberCorp private backbone.

“Today we can offer a different service to our corporate customers and a better quality than a traditional broadband connection, fundamental characteristics for a company to have its business always online and available,” said Ignacio Ardohain, FiberCorp commercial director.


Kirk Laughlin

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