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Global Gateway Solutions Receives Jamaica Employer of the Year Award

The Hon. Karl Samuda, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Jamaica, today honoured Global Gateway Solutions, Inc. (GGS) as “Employer of the Year” .

Lauded as “Jamaica’s fastest growing contact center” by influential industry publication, Nearshore Americas, Global Gateway Solutions, Inc. (GGS) has emerged as one of the companies to watch in Jamaica’s burgeoning ICT sector.

GGS is a full-service call-centre and business process outsourcer. Operating from two facilities in the Montego Bay Freeport with a total of 20,000 square feet, GGS provides customer service, collection, tele-sales, and back-office services primarily to North American clients.

2010 was a breakout-year for the company. Starting in January with 35 agents, GGS will close out a remarkable year of growth with nearly 500 full-time employees. Along the way, GGS became the near-shore partner of call centre giant, Aditya-Birla Minacs (MINACS) and US-based Advanced Call Center Technologies (ACT). These international industry players have brought to GGS and Jamaica an array of prestigious clients anxious to tap into the cost-effective human talent in Jamaica.

GGS was founded by former Verizon technology executive, Ms. Jacqueline Sutherland in 2007. Mark Jones, the founder and former President of a 550-person finance/ accounting outsourcing company, joined GGS as a shareholder and Chairman in 2010. . Both Sutherland and Jones are fully-committed to building GGS and growing Jamaica’s well-positioned ICT industry. Ms. Sutherland, a Jamaican citizen, “came home” to start GGS. Mr. Jones, an investor and philanthropist, moved his family to Jamaica in 2007 and now resides with his wife and 12 year old son in Kingston.

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GGS is actively involved with the Jamaican government efforts to build the ICT Sector. Both Sutherland and Jones have volunteered significant time and resources to assist in developing policy and identifying actions that will help make Jamaica the destination for clients requiring near-shore ICT services.

Tarun George

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