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Guatemala’s Electoral Tribunal Lifts Suspension on President-Elect’s Party

Guatemala’s Electoral Tribunal (GET) put on hold an order to suspend Semilla, the political party of newly elected president Bernardo Arevalo.

The stay order will be in place until the end of October. However, it is not clear if the party will face suspension once the stay order is lifted.

Arevalo, whose victory in the runoff election surprised many, called the suspension order a “coup attempt.” The order was issued by an electoral body within the Tribunal just days after Arevalo was declared the winner.

The agency said that Arevalo’s party had violated election laws by failing to submit the required number of signatures to register for the election.

Even before the election, prosecutors threatened to bar the party from the process, prompting an outcry among local citizens and the international community alike.

The suspension created confusion, with some analysts wondering whether it meant a rejection of his election or victory. The order also led to protests by hundreds of Arevalo’s supporters, who marched through the streets of Guatemala City demanding the immediate revocation of the order.

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The decision of Guatemala’s tribunal to put on hold the suspension order is a victory for Arevalo and his supporters. However, the matter is not yet settled, and it is possible that the party could still be suspended after the stay order expires. The GET has said that it will review the case again before making a final decision.

Narayan Ammachchi

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