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Guyana Launching Center of Excellence in Information Technology in 2017

Guyana is reportedly expecting to inaugurate the Center of Excellence in Information Technology (CEIT) sometime in the first half of 2017.
The center has been built in collaboration with the government of India, which has reportedly agreed to spend $1 million on the facility over the next two years.
To begin with, the Indian government will equip the center with computers, academic material and technology solutions. A team of IT professionals from India is expected to arrive in the country to train as many as 500 Guyanese.
Two years later, after training enough number of Guyanese in information technology, India will hand over the center to the Guyanese government.
“Initially, the Indian Government, they’ve promised to train up to 20 trainers so they will bring their trainers from India to prepare the set of trainers who will then become the permanent staff for the CEIT,” stated Malcolm Williams, an official with Guyana’s eGovernment Agency, which will administer the center.
According to Guyana’s government information agency (GINA), the center will teach a wide verity of computing courses, including networking, cyber security, software development, and IT project management.
The Guyanese government began renovating the building sometime in August, hoping to inaugurate the building in January 2017, but reports in local media say the center is less likely to be inaugurated so early.
Williams told GINA that there would be no delays and the center would be inaugurated in February.
Located on the premises of the University of Guyana, the technology center will soon become a favorite hangout for the country’s budding technology professionals, because the major aim of the center is to generate a technology talent pool.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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