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Honduras Outsourcing Country Section is One-Stop Briefing Center

Close followers of Nearshore Americas may have noticed in the last week we injected some new features and freshened up the look of these pages. (More improvements and a big expansion – next week – are on the way, so stay tuned.) One of the standout additions we have made is the launch of “Honduras Outsourcing“, a section devoted entirely to answering key questions investors and sourcing customers have about a county that is one of leading ‘cost-to-value plays’ in the nearshore region.

The section is the first true “Country Briefing Center” within the Nearshore Americas brand. For months, readers have asked us for better ways to navigate into sections of the site which look at single countries. The Country Briefing Center is our answer. Altia Business Park, a world-class BPO facility that recently opened in San Pedro Sula, is sponsor of the new Honduras section and also a sponsor of the upcoming Nearshore Nexus executive conference, April 26, in New York City.

Our plan is to continue to partner with forward-looking firms like Altia in other markets who want to make sure to have commonly requested data and content available on the top online portal serving the Latin America sourcing market today. Dan Rubinetti, vice president at Nearshore Americas is the person on our team to talk to about sponsorship opportunities of the new briefing centers.

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Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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