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Hulcher Services Picks Stefanini for SCRUM Software Development Project

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – December 7, 2010 – Stefanini IT Solutions (, a global provider of onshore and nearshore IT consulting, integration and development, and outsourcing services, today announced that Hulcher Services Inc., a nationwide services contractor to the railroads, general industry and government, has selected Stefanini to provide nearshore outsourcing Software Development and Testing utilizing SCRUM.

This assignment is one of many SCRUM and other Agile software development engagements Stefanini has launched in the past several months, which allow for the real-time collaboration required in SCRUM software development. With the SCRUM approach, development teams need to be in direct contact on a daily basis, and having an IT services provider in similar time zones in Latin America make this interaction between teams easier and more efficient.

“The quality of service and location are two of the main reasons we decided to move our development team from India to Brazil,” said Christopher Snyder, CIO of Hulcher Services Inc. “We feel that Brazil offers better quality services and better customer support, and the similar time zones enable our staff in the U.S. to work side-by-side with Stefanini’s developers in Brazil in real time. SCRUM development requires that teams meet daily and we can do that with Stefanini because they are working on the same schedule as we are every day.”

SCRUM is an agile approach to software development that leaves process decisions up to the development team rather than providing complete, detailed descriptions of project processes. SCRUM relies on a self-organizing, cross-functional team, with project details and issues decided by the team as a whole. In a SCRUM environment, everyone contributing to development of a feature from idea to implementation is involved in all activities, an approach that requires daily meetings to review the team’s progress through the process.

In support of the Hulcher Services SCRUM engagement, Stefanini will provide a team from its Sao Paulo development center, where applications in .NET and SQL Server will be developed.

“Stefanini has seen a dramatic increase in interest in SCRUM and other Agile development processes, due in large part to our expertise and our nearshore capabilities that align with this approach to application development,” said Fabio Back, business development executive, Stefanini IT Solutions. “Nearshore outsourcing to Latin America provides many benefits, and this is particularly true with SCRUM development, because of the advantages of geographic proximity. Travel and communications that are often part of SCRUM projects are much easier and less expensive with a partner in a similar time zone. In addition, the commonalities between the cultures and the presence of partners that speak the same language, make nearshore outsourcing the best choice for companies looking to move to SCRUM and other Agile development processes.”

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