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LinkedIn to use Mexico to Connect With Spanish-Speaking World

Social media network LinkedIn is expanding its presence in Latin America with an office set to open in Mexico City next year.

The company said it will use Mexico as a launchpad to connect with Spanish-speaking businesses around the world.

LinkedIn’s Mexico City branch is set to open sometime in the second half of 2020 and will employ around 30 people to begin with, reports Forbes Mexico.

In an interview with Forbes, LinkedIn’s Senior Director for Latin America, Milton Beck, said Aeromexico and BBVA are among the major clients for the company in Mexico.

“In being closer to these clients, it will be easier for us to help them to make use of the newest business technologies and strategies,” Beck added.

This will be the company’s second office in Latin America, with the other one located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Many businesses in the United States and Europe are already using the social media platform to hire the best talent and sell their products. The Mexican office will persuade the Spanish-speaking world to leverage the platform similarly.

Mexico is home to as many as 13 million LinkedIn members and the Latin American country accounts for 25% of the world’s Spanish-speaking population.

Many of LinkedIn’s domestic peers, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Uber, are already running an office in Mexico City. Many of them are using their Mexican offices to develop Spanish content.

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In Mexico, LinkedIn is hoping to push its HR solution called ‘Talent Insight’, which helps businesses to search out a perfect talent they are looking for.

Narayan Ammachchi

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