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Mitsubishi Electric Sets Up Support Services Center in Mexico’s Queretaro

Japanese industrial giant Mitsubishi Electric Automation has set up a service center in the Mexican town of El Marqués in the state of Querétaro. The center will provide factory automation solutions, training and support services in addition to customer care.
“Customer service, as well as the warehouse and repair workshop, will also move to the new site, located within Parque Tecnológico Innovación (Innovation Industrial Park),” stated the Japanese firm in a press release.
Querétaro was chosen because of the Baijo region’s strong industrial automation activity, especially in automotive and aerospace, which makes up a majority of Mitsubishi’s customers in Mexico.
There are dozens of Japanese industrial firms in Querétaro and most of them are Mitsubishi’s customers or partners. Another factor contributing to Mitsubishi’s expansion in Mexico is the country’s growing clout in American automotive industry.
According to the local government, more than 46 Japanese companies are operating in Querétaro, generating about 9,000 jobs. Three years ago, Mitsubishi established a factory automation (FA) center in the country, specifically to serve Japanese manufacturers.
It is not clear how many people Mitsubishi has employed in Mexico. Going by its website, there are about 500 specialists providing a verity of services in the country.
“This new location is closer to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) that have our products in their machines,” said Cesar Sanchez, Mexico regional service manager, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.. “Our Querétaro location will allow better collaboration between our customers and us, and will reinforce the timely and professional service that OEMs, dealers and end users have come to expect.”
The Japanese firm is not new to Mexico. Its electric manufacturing plant in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, has been operating since 1976.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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