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Customer Experience Report: Right Time, Right Content, Right Leadership

Next Coast Media, the parent company of Nearshore Americas, announced this week the launch of Customer Experience Report, the first online news and analysis publication that examines the rapidly changing environment of multichannel customer contact centers and the innovative technologies and rising geographies that these centers utilize.

“The contact center of the past is explosively redefining the customer-client relationship through the establishment of a new industrial model  – the ‘customer experience’, says Kirk Laughlin, managing director of Next Coast Media. “We are confident CER is being launched at precisely the right time – as customer experience executives search for new strategies to meet confounding new issues.” 

Customer Experience Report analyzes the fast moving evolution of customer contact from legacy call centers to next-generation omnichannel contact centers incorporating the new paradigms of customer engagement such as social media, video, and internet-enabled communications. Nearshore Americas veterans Loren Moss and Patrick Haller serve as editor-in-chief and associate editor, backed by a team of expert writers and analysts.

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“At Nearshore Americas we found that the customer experience component of our coverage was growing very rapidly relative to our other coverage areas. Our consensus was that the time is right to launch a publication with a singular focus on the issues facing today’s customer experience executive,” said Moss. “There are many technology focused publications out there. We are not reviewing the latest IVR system or cloud software. Our focus is on best practices and management strategy. That is where we have found dedicated coverage in the customer contact space to be lacking.”

Customer Experience Report has already covered some industry heavy hitters and important topics. A discussion with AT&T’s Jody Garcia discusses how AT&T drives business objectives by enabling collaboration between contact center outsourcing providers. Keeping tabs on potential threats to the industry, Customer Experience Report tapped the expertise of Frost and Sullivan Analyst Michael DeSalles as well as Cato Institute Scholars Dan Ikenson and Richard Rahn on the implications of a potentially devastating anti-outsourcing bill introduced in the US Congress last year.

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Continue to look for Customer Experience Report to cover the strategies, trends, tactics and operations employed by the most innovative and forward-thinking customer experience leaders in both internal and contact center outsourced environments, within North America and anywhere else in the world doing innovative things to enhance the customer experience.

Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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