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Nexus 2018 Preview: Why the Nearshore is Still Proving the Skeptics Wrong 

Let’s face it, the Nearshore outsourcing market has performed better, provided richer capabilities, and delivered value far beyond what most skeptics were arguing five to ten years ago.

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Like previous years, speakers at Nexus 2018 will get to the very heart of why the skeptics are still wrong about the Nearshore market.

The acceleration in Nearshore service adoption is profound, and what makes it especially interesting now is that the skeptics are out in force again.

This time they are arguing that the Latin American/Caribbean outsourcing sector is not properly geared to support the demanding path of automation and artificial intelligence, or that throngs of jobs will disappear because of certain mega-trends. They argue that the ‘bad blood’ stirred up by the current US President is cause for further disconnection, or that certain cities are ‘tapped out’, and others are just not adapting to talent requirements in hot new areas like blockchain, big data analytics, and cognitive computing.

Are the skeptics right this time?

The Nexus 2018 conference, coming to San Francisco on June 26 and 27, is the only business conference that truly addresses fundamental questions about the viability, performance, and long-term outlook on the Nearshore business model.

Nexus has historically provided the perfect platform to collaborate with industry peers, giving industry stakeholders a chance to get the correct picture on the market.

Central to our mission, from the very beginning of our operations eight years ago, is to independently assess how the model is working, where its broken, and the large number of variables and influences that one must consider when making determinations about who to work with and where to place work.

This exercise in evaluation is ongoing and always evolving, and that’s why we consider the conversations at Nexus so vital.

As the geographic footprint of Nearshore is so spread out, the most successful leaders and firms in this market have understood that context and perspective are high-value currency in an industry filled with misperceptions, inaccurate data, and lots of flat-out inaccuracies repeatedly spoken by so-called experts.

How do you get the correct picture? You collaborate with industry peers!

Our Nexus 2018 program is again built to stimulate meaningful, industry-specific dialogue. For example:

  • Speakers firm both Uber and Schlumberger will talk about the technology pathways their firms are on, and what capabilities are going to be needed from third parties, now and in the future.
  • Chatbots and crafting a new identity: What are the real impacts of new artificial intelligence solutions on the way Nearshore providers produce solutions? We’ll unpack this conversation with folks from DocuSign, TD Bank, Talkpush, and a few others.
  • What has Guadalajara taught us? It’s not hard to see that Guadalajara has emerged as the most successful of all Nearshore destinations, but how did that happen and why is it still exploding?
  • Digital-first firms and the Nearshore: How well is the market poised to address the needs of digital-first firms who are not weighed down by legacy technology, and instead want partners who are smart, agile, and highly-capable?
  • Robotics process automation: We have all heard plenty about the growing presence of RPA solutions, but what we’d like to hear more about are actual implementations and the headaches that may arise.
  • Locations: Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay are especially influential Nearshore markets at this current moment. Come and find out why!
Nexus 2017 Kirz
Nexus has always been the only business conference that truly addresses fundamental questions about the viability, performance, and a long-term outlook on the Nearshore business model.

Finally, we’re especially excited about the two venues where Nexus 2018 will take place.

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“Nexus Opening Night” will kick off at 6PM on June 26 at the DocuSign Headquarters in the Financial District of San Francisco – a gorgeous facility overlooking San Francisco Bay. That will be the setting of our annual “Nexus Illuminate Awards”, celebrating the best and brightest in our wonderful market.

The next day, June 27, we gather at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center on Howard Street (also downtown San Francisco) for a full day of conversation, presentations and panels, exhibition and networking – and a lot of fun seeing friends, colleagues, and new connections.

Join us as we recognize, once again, why the skeptics are still wrong about the Nearshore market.

For more information about speakers, locations, registration, and agendas at Nexus 2018, visit the official website here

Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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