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The Nexus Illuminate Awards and Five Tips to Keep in Mind

Awards season for Nearshore-watchers is right around the corner as the team at Nearshore Americas prepares to announce the winners of the fourth annual Nexus Illuminate “Best of Nearshore” Awards at Nexus 2019, in the middle of May in New York City.

Being successful in the Nearshore market is not easy for anyone and that’s why we consider these awards so important. Reaching new levels of performance excellence, motivating teams to up-level client engagement, and working to inject energy and focus into Nearshore delivery hubs is not to be taken lightly. Such achievements should not go unnoticed, and that’s the main reason why we want you and your colleagues to think carefully about who and what to nominate before the nomination deadline of April 1st.

Here are a few pointers and tips to offer:

1). You do not have to be a sponsor or attendee at Nexus to be nominated. A common mistake made by many Nearshore pros is to assume they must participate in Nexus 2019 in order to either be nominated or to win an award. That is just not true. In order to be considered you must submit your nomination before the deadline – it’s that simple (and free).

2) Shout out for the investment promotions professionals. No matter where the success story may exist in a particular Nearshore city or country, it is highly likely that one or more investment promotions professionals pulled strings and did the heavy lifting to make sure the match was made – successfully. Take a moment to nominate these unsung heroes in our ‘Best Nearshore Investment Promotions Professional” category.

3) Check out past winners. The “Best of Nearshore” awards have been around for four years and we have honored nearly 20 winners in the last few years. From our perspective, there are certain attributes and achievements many of these winners have had. Curious? Check out the roster of past recipients.

4) It’s fine if you nominate your own company. People often wonder about the rule that states “you can’t nominate yourself.” That rule only applies to people nominating themselves. It does not apply to folks nominating their boss, their company, their city, their country. Got it?

5) You can’t win if you don’t play. As you can imagine, every year we get a flurry of nominations within the 24 hour window before nominations close. If you really want to do justice to the nomination process, take a moment – maybe an extra 15 minutes – and put together quality nominations. In other words, don’t just play but make it count!

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Finally, we host the winners every year at our Nexus show. This year’s Nexus honors the ten-year anniversary of Nexus and its big brother, Nearshore Americas. Whether you are winning an award, or just there to learn and connect – we look forward to seeing you in May in New York City!

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