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Stefanini to Set Up Innovation Center in the United States

Brazilian information technology firm Stefanini is laying the groundwork to set up an innovation center at its U.S. headquarters in Southfield, Michigan. The company hopes to launch the center by the end of this year to bolster its system integration business and kick start technologies.
Stefanini operates similar innovation centers at its facilities in Brazil and the Philippines. Reports say it is planning to launch similar center in Romania as well. Centers of this kind are crucial for Stefanini to foster a culture of innovation internally and compete in an ever-changing technology market.
The São Paulo-based firm, which provides IT outsourcing, application management and consulting, currently gets more than half of its revenue from the international market, with the United States alone accounting for 40% of its international operations.
Last year, it launched a delivery center in Canada and Singapore, besides doubling its workforce in the Philippines from 1,000 to 2,000. In recent years, the company has acquired 10 companies, including the Brazil firms Tech Team and Vanguard, the U.S.-based CXI, and Colombia’s Computers & Technology.
“By keeping investments in our internal organization, which has led to more innovation and value in the relationships with our customers, 2015 has brought good results for Stefanini,” said Antonio Moreira, CEO of Stefanini North America and Asia Pacific. “The company grew to over 20% in this region.”
Innovation initiatives, according to Moreira, strengthen the company’s position as a differentiated global provider, helping it align with new trends and new needs of clients.
The Brazilian firm says the innovation center is the first step on its way to register 22% growth in North American market. In the United States, Stefanini plans to focus on developing solutions for retail, treasury, and manufacturing sectors.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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