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VIDEO: How Can Jamaica’s Finance Sector Move Markets Globally?

Jamaica’s financial sector is eager to step up its game and take the country to the next level. 

A group of industry representatives and Jamaican government officials gathered at Jampro’s latest Invest Jamaica event. A strong case  for the island’s financial sector, which has been internationally recognized for its solidness and finds itself in a transformation driven by new, less restrictive laws and regulations.

“You just have to look at the government’s national strategy. It certainly points to an increased access to capital”, commented Weldon Maddan, Chairman of the Jamaica International Financial Services Authority, during a panel discussion at the event.

Though the panelists concurred that Jamaican finance finds itself in an enviable position due to its potential, they also recognized that there’s still work to do, such as monetization of assets, ESG alignment and more investment on infrastructure and renewable energy sources.

Madden was joined in the panel by Morris Nelson, Senior VP of Corporate and Commercial Banking of Scotia Group Jamaica; Stacy-Ann Tait, Senior VP of Investments at NCB Capital Markets; Christopher Williams, Founder and CEO of Proven Management; and Marisela Alvarenga, Division Chief of Financial Institutions at IDB Invest, who moderated the discussion.

You can watch the whole discussion in the video below.

Cesar Cantu

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