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Work Culture According to Globant: Get in Sync with Human Nature

We’re gliding through the Globant facility in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, and our guide is the t-shirt clad CTO and co-founder of Globant: Guibert Englebienne. First stop – the new executive leadership work space where all top five executives of Globant will work together in the same area. No doors, no walls – just open collaboration space and a nice view of the river.

Globant, one of the most colorful rising stars in Latin America IT, has a knack for turning its back on conventional ideas. Guibert tells me he hates to hear the term ‘human resources’, saying it reflects a limited, 20th century view of work associates. The Globant facility is meant to be a place to have fun, and also get work done. That may sound like a contradiction, but for Guibert  and his co-founders, they’re just re-creating the same stimulating work environment they dreamed up seven years ago – when a barroom discussion led to the full-fledged launch of Globant with less than $10,000 in funding.

Buenos Aires has always been at the core of Globant. On this day there are young professionals buzzing around – it’s got a distinctive college campus feeling, yet there is contemporary art everywhere, a guitar room where two employees are jamming together a very tangible sense of collaboration.  But don’t take a word for it…  scroll through some of our photos during our Guibert tour:

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