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World-Class Honduras BPO Facility Set to Open in February

SOURCE: LAPRENSAHN.COM (Translated from Espanol)
Altia Park will unveil a new service industry that opens the doors for foreign and domestic companies with the installation of first three-tower communications in February, 2010. This is expected to generate about a thousand jobs in the north of the country.
Daniel Facussé, president of the Honduran Maquila Association, AHM, said that Altia will succeed because everything relating to the sale of communication becomes more profitable to firms in these times of crisis and it also involves outsourcing. Maquila Association provides this service and does so within institutions.
Ruben Sorto, marketing manager Karim’s group, which has started this initiative, explained that despite the blows of the economic crisis, the play was not halted.
To implement this type of modernistic buildings, said Sorto, the country now has favorable conditions, such as having the best fiber optic network in Central and communication infrastructure at low cost. Also, the country has 410 bilingual schools, of which 161 are in SPS and therefore, plenty of manpower is available to companies which establish base in Altia. These companies can also provide assistance in English or Spanish anywhere in the world. Every day, about 200 people work for almost 12 hours for Altia, making the availability of manpower easy and economical. The opening of this facility was scheduled in December, but there were some setbacks by weather factors, said Mr. Sarto.
It has been completed now and the only roadblock is the final stage, i.e. the installation of the five lifts and placement of windows throughout the building that differentiate its inhabitants from others in the city.
Altia Companies
Sorto announced that several international companies are in talks to settle in this new call center so that they can offer services from the industrial capital.
“Two multinational companies are located in Altia, and the talks of outsourcing with two other companies are advancing well. There is this California company that provides translation, and also the global call center giant ACS, which recruits staff. The company has currently stopped its businesses because of the political crisis, but will resume business in the near future,” he said.
Sorto Bancatlan reconfirmed that along with Sail, Telecorp’s strategic partner, which supplies Internet services to large businesses throughout Central America, will operate from Altia from 2010. Moreover, San Services, a company responsible for online reservation system on a global scale, will stay in Sandal’s, a well known chain of hotels in the Caribbean.
AHM’s to shift their offices to Altia next year.
Sorto said that between August and September 2010, construction will start within Altia Village Center, where there will be an area of food sales from reputed restaurants, apart from four banks, convenience stores, bar, travel agency and gym, other amenities for employees are also available.
More details on Altia
The foundation stone for Altia was laid on 13 March 2008. Altia faces the boulevard toward Armenta, including residential Nova and Los Alamos. In the lobby, in front of a beautiful waterfall, you can find a directory of companies that operate in Altia. The parking lot accommodates 1,200 vehicles.
The outsourcing companies are those that agree to outsource certain processes to other companies professionally.

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