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10 Reasons to Love Buenos Aires

Source: Business Insider

With its nickname of “the Paris of South America,” it’s easy to find yourself enamored by the charm of Buenos Aires. The capital city of Argentina which translates to “Fair Winds” is one of the largest in Latin America with a diverse offering of cultural experiences.

The mix of European flair with traditional Latin cuisine, nightlife and personality ensures you’ll have an exciting adventure in this trendy city

Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso

To get the full magical effect from your travel to Buenos Aires, don’t leave without trying tango. The Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso is traditionally a tango dance school with free open dance on Sundays. This decorative facility is filled with locals, tourists and even visited by famous celebrities such as Shakira and Robert Duvall.

La Boca

Not only is La Boca the neighborhood for the Boca Juniors, it is a colorful barrio with strong European flavor. The earliest settlers were Italians from Genoa who gave this area a rich and vibrant look. Colorful houses and the pedestrian street, The Caminito, attract tourists to watch tango artists perform live.

Puerto Madero

One of the more modern areas in Buenos Aires is the Puerto Madero waterfront. It is the largest urban renewal project in the city with impressive infrastructures rising up quickly. The most eye appealing is the Puente de la Mujer (Woman’s Bridge); a famous footbridge with a modern design.

El Ateneo

If you love books and historic looking buildings, hold on to your socks, this place will surely knock them off. The majestic El Ateneo was once a theater house that held grand events in the 1920’s. It is now home to a bookstore; a gorgeous facility to hold an abundance of books. Don’t be scared to be a tourist and take photographs; this place is worth every photo being taken, even if it is just a bookstore.

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Bombonera Stadium

Besides being prideful of their amazing city, Argentines love their football club, the Boca Juniors. La Bombonera (The Chocolate Box) is their stadium where fanatic locals and tourists (If you can get a ticket) can enjoy an energetic game. Inside is also a museum with chronicles of the teams rich history.

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