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Unosquare CEO Publishes eBook on Nearshoring Trends and Practices

Unosquare LLC, an IT outsourcing service provider with operations in Guadalajara, Mexico, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and Portland, Oregon, recently announced the completion and publication of a new eBook entitled, “Nearshoring to Latin America: An Executive Guide to Outsourcing IT Services”.

The book was written by Unosquare’s CEO and co-Founder, Mike Barrett.  At the time of this release the book is only available for $2.99 on for the Kindle. Barrett is a published author, having written dozens of magazine articles and two other books, one a narrative non-fiction book called “Life Attempt” and book called “The Danger Habit” published and released in 2007 by Random House. “So far, I think this is the only formally published book on the subject of IT outsourcing to Latin America,” Barrett said.

Initially started three years ago as a white paper, the content grew over time and evolved with enough material for a small 50 page book.  “The book takes more of a personal narrative approach than an academic or research voice,” said Barrett. “Of course it has the statistics, charts and graphs you’d expect, but also some humor and business candor that you might not expect.”

With the violence in Northern Mexico, more and more Unosquare customers and prospects were asking for hard data on the safety of doing business in Mexico.  Barrett set out to answer those questions, among others, and this book is the culmination of that effort.

Topics covered include Latin American crime statistics and how they impact business operations, intellectual property protection within the NAFTA treaty, and the four greatest mistakes companies make when starting to operate a ITO program in Latin America.  One of the chapters also includes a direct cost comparison between India and Mexico.

The book has already captured two critical endorsements, one from Dawn Evans, CEO of the Sourcing Interest Group, and Kirk Laughlin, Founder and Publisher of the  publication Nearshore Americas. “The practice of Nearshore outsourcing has matured rapidly in the last few years, but there is still a strong need for reasoned, well-balanced analysis of this fast evolving marketplace,” said Laughlin, “Mike’s book succeeds in summarizing the Nearshore opportunity by identifying not just where the value is in the market, but also where to go find it.”

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About Unosquare

Unosquare LLC is a bi-national firm with offices in Portland, Oregon, Guadalajara, Mexico, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  For more information visit For additional comments, contact Unosquare’s CEO Michael Barrett, at 503-722-3480, or via email at


Kirk Laughlin

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