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Survey: A Majority of Argentineans Prefer Hybrid Workplace

A large majority of Argentinean workers (77%) prefer hybrid work culture, according to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index 2022.

In the survey, conducted by the University of San Andres on behalf of Microsoft, more than 65% of respondents demanded that their employers invest more money in technology to facilitate hybrid work.

“Work is only a part of life. It should not be your whole life or the only thing you care about,” responded one employee, whose name remained undisclosed.

The Covid-19 pandemic transformed work culture like never before. Microsoft predicts that more than 40% of millennial workers in Latin America are most likely to switch their employers this year.

Even when they are in the office, employees prefer to work in an open space rather than in cubicles, according to the report.

“From when to go to the office, to why work in the first place, employees have a new ‘worth it’ equation. And there is no going back,” stated Microsoft in a blog post.

The study was also conducted in other Latin American countries of Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia.

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Now it is inevitable for companies to bridge the gap between personal and professional life, according to Silvina Uviz D’Agostino, Director of HR at Microsoft’s offices in Argentina.

“At this point, a new opportunity opens up for companies […] Rethink new ways of connecting the purposes of work with the personal and professional life of each employee,” D’Agostino told local news portal CanalAR.

Narayan Ammachchi

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