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Auxis Bulks Up in Costa Rica With an Additional 150 Employees

U.S. outsourcing firm Auxis is bulking up in Costa Rica, with plans to add 150 people to its payroll over the next six months.

The Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based professional services provider is bolstering the operational capacity of its unit in Heredia due to to what it called “the growing demand for services from new and existing clients”.

However, the announcement comes almost 18 months after it promised to add 700 employees to its Costa Rican workforce.

Auxis expanded to Costa Rica in 2011 with a delivery center in the Ultrapark Free Trade Zone in Heredia. Three years later, in 2015, it shifted its service center to the America Free Zone, saying it wants to make the most of Costa Rica’s nearshore advantages.

Free zones are the favorite hunting grounds for foreign technology firms in Costa Rica, primarily because they offer tax breaks, among other incentives. The tenants of the America Free Zone include the likes of IBM, HP, DHL, and Dell.

“We’re glad to provide exciting career opportunities to Costa Ricans, especially after this country has given us such a strong platform to grow our business,” said Raul Vega, Auxis Founder and CEO.

The professional service provider is looking for bilingual employees, and is currently gearing up to host a job fair at its premises in the America Free Zone.

Auxis offer a wide variety of back-office services, including accounting, billing, IT support, customer service, and human resources administration. Its clients include Pepsi, Target, Shoes for Crews, and Tiger Direct.

“The broad range of industries we support, in conjunction with the spectrum of services, provides Auxis’ team members unparalleled learning and growth opportunities,” Vega added.

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Two years ago, there were reports that the company would also launch a digital technology lab in the Central American country. In an interview with Sun Sentinel, Vega even expressed interest in expanding operations to Colombia.  But there are no mentions of them in its latest statement.

Narayan Ammachchi

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