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Brazil Tourism Hits Record High Thanks to Olympics and US Dollar

Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism has reported a record 6.6 million international visitors in 2016, citing the Olympic and Paralympic Games and a stronger U.S. dollar as the main contributing factors.

The figure represents an increase of 4.8% over 2015, which equates to around 300,000 more foreign visitors.

Foreign tourists injected $6.2 billion into Brazil’s national economy, the equivalent to more than R$21 billion. The amount is 6.2% higher than the $5.84 billion spent on Brazil tourism in 2015.

“I’m not satisfied with the number; I am working for Brazil to receive more tourists,” said Tourism Minister Marx Beltrão, stating that his new target for 2017 is to increase it by another 5%.

To reach that goal, Beltrão will rely on the simplification of visa processing and the opening of foreign capital to airlines.

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