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Capgemini Acquires Itelios for Omnichannel Solutions

European IT services and outsourcing giant Capgemini has acquired Itelios, a France-based digital technology startup specializing in the design and implementation of omnichannel solutions for retailers.

This is Capgemini’s third major acquisition in the digital services sector this year after it purchased Idean and TCube Solutions.

“Itelios has established a team of experts all focused on designing, developing and implementing ecommerce projects that enable a unified customer journey across digital, social, mobile and in-store experiences,” Capgemini has stated in a press release.

Analysts say Itelios will prop up Capgemini’s customer experience portfolio, helping it to offer end-to-end digital digital solutions for retailing sector. Moreover, the acquisition cements Camgemini’s unit that deploys Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which performs many tasks such as detecting inventory levels and product quality.

“The Itelios team will augment our digital customer experience portfolio of services and enable us to offer our clients integrated Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions globally,” stated Olivier Sevillia, Group Executive Board member, in charge of Digital Services at Capgemini.

Founded in 2003, Itelios has employed more than 180 people and expanded to Brazil in 2007 with a delivery center in Sao Paulo. In 2015, it expanded again into the United States.

The startup reported about US$11 million in revenue for the fiscal year of 2015. According to French newspapers, Itelios’ clients include major brands such as Kenzo, Lacoste, Jules, Lancôme, Picard, Casino, and Etam.

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Christophe Claudel, CEO of Itelios, has expressed hope that Capgemini will offer the right environment for his company to leverage skills and delivery capabilities on its way to expand service portfolio as well as geographical footprints.

Narayan Ammachchi

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